Amelia Brooke Buckman

Congratulations, Brooke + Jon!! Amelia Brooke Buckman is absolutely PERFECT!! Y’all!! Amelia was under 8 pounds, and it was so fun to get to cuddle with her as a tiny little bundle of joy for 3 hours!! She slept THE whole time and I’m pretty sure is already potty trained!! HAHAHA. I love to try and keep infants free of diapers and clothing for the first portion of the session if they are asleep. When Amelia was finished, we put a cute little lace newborn outfit on her that Brooke had purchased and she remained with no potty accidents and just as adorable as EVER! As SOON as we put a diaper under her, she peed! I couldn’t believe it!! She’s such a lady. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I cannot WAIT for y’all to scroll through these images I captured in Brooke and Jon’s peaceful living room as the dogs complained some about not getting to be in the photos (lol) and the cleaning ladies worked around us. As any of you who have experienced a newborn session with me, you also know that we were all sweating at a balmy 80ยบ as Jon so kindly obliged. I don’t think this session could have gone ANY better! Thank you, Jon & Brooke, for trusting me with your firstborn and precious angel! I hope to get to capture your growing family for the years to come!