Brittany + Javasse’s Wedding at The Club at Garden Ridge

Their original wedding date was November 14th, 2020. A beautiful Fall wedding meant to be in the 80s and sunny… but then COVID just wasn’t going away. Brittany + Javasse made the difficult decision to wait another 39 weeks for August 14th, 2021 to roll around, and even though their original date was changed, the most was made out of this mid august heat! With a huge crew ready to celebrate Brittany + Javasse’s wedding at the Club at Garden Ridge, it was clear today was the day of celebration. Brittany had her mom, Tammy, and sisters Alicia + Niccole there with her, standing by her side, and Raven (Javasse’s Sister), too. These ladies were quick to spring into action, help where needed, bring the laughter and also the calm. Their bright smiles and Brittany’s nerves were the perfect combination for a success story behind the aisle moment they had waited for all this time.

Of course Javasse had his army with him, too! Cook approached me upon arrival to make sure I knew who to talk to if I needed anything at all and then with Derrick, they took charge to make the waiting game a gas with a laughter-filled game of dice! This team of gentlemen could be heard from outside with their music blaring, laughter resounding and winning cheers growing more frequent. There was not a dull moment with this group! Javasse’s father, John joined in, too, and everyone pitched in to help with bow-ties, hair cuts, you name it! Even though Javasse had his support group, I’m pretty sure he could have handled everything pretty well all by himself. From what I have learned, Javasse loves to throw a good party, and in every aspect of life, there is reason to party!! He has thrown his fair share in the past, so it was no surprise that he was up and about throughout the morning, checking in to make sure quality was there! Him and mama Kearney, of course. Gwen was pretty much everywhere that day, and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that’s going to be me some day with my boys.

With all the black and white and greenery details I could find captured, we blazed through the ceremony and conquered the heat like it was our job! I felt for Brittany, but oh my gosh she rocked it in that dress and those Steve Madden heels! Her train cascaded down the stairwell of the gazebo, so beautifully decorated by Wolf Weddings, and the officiant, with grace and excellence and some funnies sprinkled in, guided Brittany and Javasse toward marriage and a kiss to seal the deal! With the wipe of their brows, Brittany + Javasse celebrated with a bubble exit, Sunset photos and the party of their lifetime!

Entering their reception space was certainly unforgettable since Gaines Entertainment set them up with a fiery entrance and DJ Rizz rocked the jams! Those ladies and gents I spoke of earlier toasted the bride and groom with stories, tears, hilarity and some special mentions of mama Kearney and John, too. I loved listening to all the impact so many people have had on the lives of these men and women, not only Brittany and Javasse, but the people that they hold dear. They wouldn’t be the people they are without them, and it was made clear in the toasts that were so beautifully read. I can’t wait for you to scroll through the big party that is Brittany + Javasse’s wedding!

Vendors to be recognized:
Photography: @hannahcharisphotography
Venue: @theclubatgardenridge
Coordinator/Florals: @wolfweddings
Bar: @bartenders4you
Head Table Backdrop: @dixieluxe
DJ: @djrizzonline
Sparkler Fountains: @gainesentertainment
Catering: @gotitcoveredeventsa
Dress: @bridal.connection
Bridesmaids: @lulusweddings
Groomsmen: @menswearhouse