Casey + Aaron’s First Maternity Session

It’s hard to explain how excited I am to post this blog about the growing child inside my childhood best friend’s womb… after all, Casey and I were womb besties!!! Casey’s due date was in early March and mine was in August, so while my mom’s belly was getting big, her best friend, Carla’s belly was starting to show! How cool that we were destined to be friends from birth, and even cooler that we grew up together! Casey’s family and mine lived in Redding, CA until 1993 when they moved to Sonora, CA. Every Summer since we were 5 years old, I would spend in Sonora and then she would spend some time in Redding. We swam, read books, played house, hung out and did lots of arts and crafts together. ┬áIt’s been a beautiful thing to see her life unfold before my eyes and to get to see the beautiful woman Casey has become. She has married a wonderful man (Aaron!), and now they are ready to embark on the adventure of becoming parents!!

So, on my 3 week Christmas Vacation, I HAD to take the opportunity of capturing Casey in all her beauty as well as the love between this father and mother as they told their beautiful love story in front of my lens. It was no surprise that they chose Lassen Volcanic National Park for their photos because Casey grew up in snow. It snows every year in Sonora, so the beauty that falls from the freezing sky had to be part of this very special day. And it was special. I started to cry at one point at the end of the session when I took off my photographer hat and jumped into friend zone! I kissed that baby bump and made my high-pitch voice known to Baby Tesauro. He/She HAS to know my VOICE! =) Seriously special and I’m so thankful to Aaron for capturing some memories for us!

As an added bonus to this joyous session, Carla got to come up from Sonora to help with the photos!! I LOVED having her their as just her voice brings back so many memories. She always has a smile that’s both loving yet says she’s up to something. She always greets me with a hug and a “How are you?!” She was like a warm camp fire out in the cold, taking me back to “the good ol’ days”.

Aside from lying in the snow to get some creative angles, laughter struck when we walked -not on- through the snow! It was so deep that it came up past my shins! I wore snow boots, yes, bot not TALL ONES! HAHA. We laughed as we made a small ditch for Casey + Aaron to stand in, and I had them giggle even more when I got into position. I’m thankful for the fun we had, the sweet moments captured, and the love growing as Casey + Aaron ready themselves for a brand new adventure. I can’t wait to meet this BABY! EEK!

*Casey purchased her dress from Lulu’s!! You can get it here: Burgundy Maxi Wrap Dress
*Flower Crown is from Boho Halo Company on Etsy!