Devynne And Brandon Maternity Session

Have you ever met a warrior? Someone brave, passionate, convicted and willing to do what it takes? How about a prayer warrior? Someone who goes out on the front lines of battle, gains strength from getting close to God, and fights their way through pain and hart-ache through prayer and even joy because they know they are going to win on account of who they are fighting for. I met @devynnerobertson through Instagram as she is an incredible writer and has a beautiful but painful story she openly and generously shares. Devynne was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis, and she and Brandon have been trying to get pregnant through 5 IUI procedures. Devynne became pregnant, finally, after a long wait, only to find out she would have to walk through the immense sadness that comes with having a miscarriage.  But this warrior didn’t give up and neither did Brandon. When they stopped all procedures and decided it was in God’s will for them to pray for Him to intervene this time, they became pregnant in just one month! And by the Grace of God, He gave them triplets!!! I wish I could have seen the rejoicing and look on both their faces as they became elated to get to welcome these beautiful babies into the world. I get teary every time I think about it!

Fast-forward to now, sweet Devynne is going through some hardship with the Wegener’s attacking her kidneys, and now the doctors have found a second disease in her kidneys called IGA Nephropathy (Berger’s disease). Nothing the doctors and prayer together can’t handle… Devynne is already such a good mamma, doing everything in her power to keep these 3 boys in as long as needed, and I just LOVE watching her story unfold with victory after victory. I can’t WAIT to get to meet these precious boys that have been prayed into existence these past 4 years or so.  It’s going to be a fun and happy session, for sure! I may cry, but I’m prone to that as those close to me know. =)

As you can see below, their maternity session was a dream. I felt so honored to have the privilege of meeting such warriors, and we had the best time making our way through the riverbed behind the Gruene River Company.  Scott was so kind to let us use their parking lot and private property for a small fee to capture some truly wonderful and peaceful images. It was like watching a miracle unfold and blossom all at once. Devynne and Brandon shine through these images as proud parents and spouses in love through it all. They stood on rocks but it seemed to me they were each other’s rocks, and they stood, posed, on a firm foundation of prayer, love and a “never quit” demeanor.

After a quick outfit change at the Gristmill, Devynne and Brandon looked like they stepped out of a magazine cover (you can imagine my excitement). We took some photos there at the restaurant with beautiful flowers and a clean, steel backdrop to compliment the mint green and purple floral, long sleeve, floor length dress ( Pink Blush Maternity ). We found another pretty, light blue wall, right on the street and also walked to the Gruene Mansion Inn to finish out the session. I can’t WAIT for you to scroll down and get to see all the images! Every moment was peaceful, encouraging, inspiring and wonderful.  I hope you have been inspired today.

~Hannah Charis