Emma + Trevor Engagement

When I first met Emma + Trevor, I knew it would be a perfect fit! They are kind, joyful morning people with amazing hearts and a true love for one another. They speak to each other with the excitement of a lifetime of happiness and fun memories, and every word is filled with respect and commitment. Just last month, Trevor proposed to Emma in front of a CASTLE in GERMANY!! These two individuals who met in the states each happen to have grandparents who live in Germany and they are a perfect match for one another – it definitely shows.

In the beginning, Trevor’s sister knew Emma first and introduced these soon to be love birds. Trevor took Emma to an Italian restaurant in Bryan, TX, followed by a memorable bar. Of course who would forget a first date at a bar that was “interesting”, “different”, and “unexpected” (just a few words Emma uses to describe it) with cockroaches?! Lol. Oops. Obviously they made up for it at the proposal as they fell more and more in love over time through dating and discovering that the rest of their lives HAD to have each other in it.

Fast forward to today at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX, Emma + Trevor’s Engagement session was surprisingly PERFECT. Through the cold, the rain, the wind and the mud, we had the BEST time! It takes a unique and wonderful woman to sit through hair and makeup, even at a place as wonderful as the Blow•Dry•Bar, and immediately walk into rain and wind with a smile and say, “Well, this is going to be a unique session but we’re going to have fun.” Emma was such a trooper! She and Trevor started out with some photos of their complete family (which included their 4 year old dog, Emmit). They gracefully walked through the mud, juggling an umbrella and a dog as well as appearing as if they were in a romantic dream land.  They ROCKED IT! And -bonus- it was great practice for their February wedding!  They shared kisses, danced, walked and posed like pros while the wind was going 10 mph and the rain was steady and relentless.

I snuck some fun shots of their Aggie rings and engagement ring while they changed (fastest wardrobe change in the history of engagement sessions – I was impressed) and then we went right back to it! They even brought a blanket for the cold which made for some cozy photos – just missing the hot cocoa… They even pulled off the Notebook look with some kissing and dancing in the rain. My favorite moment, though in the session, was when Trevor took off his glasses, Emma handed me her umbrella and flower crown, and they finished out the session and embraced that rain!!! I can’t wait for you to scroll through these!

If you can already imagine, I’m ecstatic to come together again with this fabulous couple as Emma + Trevor get married at their dream location: the Allen Farmhaus! Stay tuned for that February wedding as it’s fast approaching!! Please… scroll through and enjoy watching this sweet couple’s love story unfold before your eyes.

~Hannah Charis