Engagement Session with Eddie & Mallory at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne

It’s safe to say that the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX has become one of my favorite locations in/around San Antonio to capture life through a golden lens! The nature is perfection, the tall grass is magical, the river is refreshing, the benches are well-placed and vintage, the staff is so kind to work with, and the photographers who seem to “live” there are unfailingly friendly and wonderful to work around – saying things like “Happy Shooting!” and complementing the heck out of my clients. And who only to introduce me to such a wonderland is none other than this beautiful woman, joining me at this BLAST of an engagement session: Mallory DeMers of YelloNest Photography!

Although this is labeled “engagement session with Eddie & Mallory at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne”, it’s actually a styled shoot I put together, and Mallory & Eddie kindly obliged to be my models.  They are actually married and currently have 5 kids together (one of which is swimming around in Mallory’s tummy)!!! Knowing Mallory and Eddie personally, it’s amazing to get to watch these two with their kiddos!! They are phenomenal parents and beautiful people, inside & out. Our four kids and theirs are really good friends, and we are actually family! Mallory is my cousin-in-law, and Eddie is one of my husband’s best friends!

Let me just start off by saying, “DREAM COUPLE”!  Mallory & Eddie were AMAZING to work with! So easy! So willing.  SO DARING (water photos), and we all three laughed – I think – the WHOLE time! I got to see a truly fun side of Mallory & Eddie as a couple as they loved on each other, gazed at each other, messed around and were silly with each other, and they never once said, “Please don’t make us do that”.  They jumped in with BOTH FEET, and they remained a complete joy throughout both outfits and all the water photos! I think I took as many photos as I would a wedding day! That’s how photogenic and phenomenal they were! PLEASE scroll through and enjoy the experience we had. =)

~Hannah Charis