Haley + Frankie’s Wedding at the Club at Garden Ridge

It was wedding day on Friday and Ms beautiful-inside-and-out was ready to FINALLY get to marry Mr perfect-for-her-in-every-way. As you probably remember from reading their Engagement Session blog and history to go with it, Haley + Frankie’s Wedding at the Club at Garden Ridge has been a long time coming! From meeting Freshman year in college, connecting over a sorority step show competition with drinks to follow, exchanging numbers and dating for 2 months, July of 2011 was when they decided to make their bf/gf status official. Over 9 years ago, y’all! Two of the most patient people I know! And if that wasn’t enough, their date was originally set for April 25th, 2020, but as COVID-19 would have it, 6 + months of waiting was still in their future. With love, patience, kindness and goodness, Haley and Frankie handled the entire wedding date transition with grace. So here we are today. After a surprise backyard barbecue proposal, 9 years together and the year 2020 (*’nough said*), we got to celebrate a true wonder and powerhouse of a couple.

It was easy to get to know Haley and Frankie by the way they spoke to each other when meeting them at the Club at Garden Ridge and then again in my office space for their wedding consult and again during their engagement session with their sweet pup, Libby! But getting to know them through their family was a whole different ball game. Of course we got to hear all the stories about them both during toasts and the history there, but my favorite moment started early in the day. Haley’s dad, Alan, and I spoke a bit before the first look. I usually start with a “how ya holdin’ up, Dad?” He seemed to be holding it together pretty well, but explained this was his only daughter. “This is a big one”, he replied. His eyes are just as kind as Haley’s and he was so ready to see his daughter in all thankfulness that she found a good one. When they got to see each other for the first time on her wedding day, Alan had to hug his only daughter first before taking a glimpse. He just had to embrace his little girl. 😭

Haley’s mom and closest friends helped in the bridal suite by sounds of laughter, fun, and all the help in the world to make pictures and her look perfect. Every one of them seemed to have a servant’s heart for caring for and treating Haley like the princess she is. A few mishaps with the dress – no problem, MOH Jessica had a sewing kit handy and all the tools to get it perfect. Then, her mama, Sherry, was there with gifts and smiles, ready to dote on her sweet, baby girl. Everyone was pampered to perfection by the amazing Southern Tease, including Frankie’s mom, Ginger, and of course – as usual – Southern Tease finished in AMPLE time so we could capture all the images with everyone looking their absolute best! Even the sweet flower girls had glimmer on their eyes and lips, ready in their dresses that twirl! (Don’t forget to check out the dancing photos!!!!)

And Frankie. While my second shooter hung out the most with Frankie and his guys, it was so much fun to see a glisten in Ginger’s (Mom) eyes the entire day. She was lit up like a firefly, excited for her boy. Frankie has this demeanor about him and a smile that makes you feel instantly welcome, cared about and a part of his circle. Then, he turns around and speaks of Haley with all kindness and thoughtfulness, excitement and admiration. I especially love the way she makes him laugh because every time he would put his hand on his chest, lean back, and laugh toward the sky. Almost as if it was partly out of adoration. They really do have a beautiful love, and you’ll see through to that truth easily by scrolling through their perfect day.

Vendors to be recognized:
VENUE: Club at Garden Ridge
COORDINATION: Lasting Impressions by Design
CATERING: Heavenly Gourmet
VIDEO: Dynamic Films SA
PHOTO BOOTH: 5050 Photo booth
BARTENDING: Bartenders4You
HMU: Southern Tease H&MU
CAKE: Creations Cakes
GROOM CAKE: Jenn Riesman
FLORALS: Laureen Owen
OFFICIANT: King of Harts
TRANSPORTATION: Elegant Transportation
RINGS: Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry
SHOES: Kate Spade Keds
TUX/SUITS: Al’s Formal Wear
STATIONARY: Simply to Impress
JEWELRY: Macy’s/James Avery