Janina + Alex Maternity Session at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX

Janina and Alex are two of the sweetest MODELS I have ever met. Okay, maybe that’s not their real job, but – I am POSITIVE I could have fooled you! They did so good, rockin’ those poses and letting their true selves shine through. When you look through these photos from Janina + Alex Maternity Session at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX, just remember that this was our first time working together and they are kind to the core with a perfect balance of love, excitement and grace, making a beautiful picture of Mom and Dad to be! It’s obvious they are going to be incredible parents, and it was a BLAST getting to talk to them about their birth plan (Birth Center!). As many of you know, I had 1 birth at a birth center and 2 at home – my first was in a hospital. I’ve done each and I think the birth center experience was my favorite! It took a lot of restraint not to just give Janina and Alex a big hug! #covidishard


“Although Alex and I have both lived in SA for quite some time (little over 10 years for both), it wasn’t until late 2017 that by some crazy miracle we finally crossed each other’s paths and met at a bar. Lol Little Woodrows to be exact 😅 I say miracle because I wasn’t planning on going anywhere that day but it was a long week at work and a few of my coworkers agreed to meet up for some drinks. Apparently he and his coworkers also had the same idea … and well after a few beers and listening to Alex sing karaoke to Christina Aguilera’s Genie in Bottle (hahaha yeap it happened there’s video proof), you can say we instantly clicked after that.


After getting married in Oct. 2019, we did try to conceive but then COVID hit so decided we’d wait a little to start a family of our own. However, similar to when we met there seemed to be a greater plan in place because at the end of the summertime we soon found out that 2021 was going to a big year for us as Baby Casas would soon be joining our fun Life journey. First time parents to be: Baby girl will be our first child for us both; then hopefully later down the road we’ll try for a second, and close up shop after that lol. We both have always said we would like 2 kids, but as much as we’d like to plan and the way life has its funny way of throwing curve balls we really don’t know what our future holds – who knows maybe we get twins the second time around lol (let’s hope not though) 🥴 “

Dresses – Pink Blush Maternity
Shoes – DSW
Makeup – A Flawless Image