Jolina + Daniel’s Engagement Session at the Japanese Tea Gardens

Jolina and Daniel’s Engagement Session at the Japanese Tea Gardens was unique, fun, golden and surprisingly colorful with all the latest freezes! We HAD to start off by the red and white blooms before moving around the park to find all the best light, best backdrops and of course, practice all the best poses for their upcoming WEDDING!!! These two are getting married this March at Park 31 – and I’m going to be there to capture it all!!! I can’t wait to share with you more of the love they share and their friends and family who will be coming in to celebrate with them as their support. I cannot wait for you to hear their story and look through their images, see the outfits they chose and watch as their smiles light up your room! Introducing, my adventure couple and their true love journey….

Dan and I met on Bumble in January 2021 in Midland.  I thought something was fishy as he was a very attractive man and to put it respectfully, it’s very slim pickings out in West Texas! I guess you could say it was love at first swipe! His profile said that he had just moved to Midland, but he was already planning his exit and I told him that maybe he should stay as a joke… not realizing that he would actually stay for a few more years after we both fell in love. One of our very first dates was hiking Guadalupe Mountains National Park, the highest point in Texas. We were exclusive after we saw how well we got along. We got engaged at the end of the same year in Big Bend National Park’s Santa Elena Canyon. It was a trail I had never done before and I thought it was just a normal hike until a surprise “hiker” (photographer) took photos of the moment. As you can tell, we love to hike! Our goal is to visit all the national parks in the country and visit as many state parks as we can. 

Jolina’s Outfits: Yukata and obi belt is from Amazon.
Dan’s kilt/socks are straight from Ireland and his shirt and satchel is from Amazon.
For the casual attire, Jolina got her jumpsuit from Dillard’s and shoes are from Amazon.
Jolina did her own hair/makeup.
The Ring is from Sam L Majors in Midland, TX.