Jon and Morgan’s Family Photos near the Hill Country

My oh my am I excited to blog this amazing family! Some of you may know, I grew up in Redding, California.  I was blessed and fortunate to know Morgan and her mom, Laurie, from Redding! I actually got to play softball in Junior High with Morgan, and I’m pretty sure Laurie was at every game. I ADORE THEM! Jon is in the military – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! – so every 4 years or so they move to a new area.  I’m so thankful they were here for a time, and I feel very blessed to have been able to meet their three amazing children, Nathan, Skyla and Dylan.  I also got to meet Laurie’s husband, Michael! As you can see from all the smiles, we had a really good time. (Even Whiskey seemed to smile for me!!!)

When the Edgertons greeted me, it was a total blast from the past and SO much fun getting to see Laurie and Morgan again.  Meeting all the additions was an added bonus and truly a treasure.  Whiskey greeted me with her beautiful yellow and brown eyes and a curious nose.  What a perfectly, well-behaved canine, and I mean that whole-heartedly! Every command, every hug from the kids, every call of her name, she knew just what to do.

Watching the sheer joy on Dylan’s face made me grin ear-to-ear.  I loved the way he gave me a cheesy smile, then a soft-lip smile, followed by a genuine smile.  Skyla was absolutely adorable and a little beauty in that well-matched jean/dress combo.  She rocked those boots, nailed every posed and even laughed out loud for a hilarious giggle. Nathan was handsome as could be with his dapper smile, kind heart and sweet spirit.  I loved watching these siblings interact and I even more so loved the comments from the adults behind me, coaching and saying hilarious things to get these kids to laugh, smile and get that one perfect photo for their wall.

Taking Morgan and Jon off to the side for their love story moment was a lot of fun! Jon had a way of making Morgan giggle and laugh, and their playful smiles put grins on their kids as they watched in happiness. Laurie and Michael even had their love story moment! Thank you, Morgan, for contacting me for your Christmas photos this year!  Y’all are forever a treasure in my heart.

~Hannah Charis