Justin + Erica – Comfort, TX Wedding

Another Wedding, another celebration, another memory, another perfect day. You see, that’s why my job brings me so much joy! Justin + Erica got married in Comfort, TX last night, and I joined with all the witnesses in celebration and joy! Their southern style wedding with simplistic elegance was enjoyed by all, and I wasn’t going to miss a single moment. As second shooter for Carly Barton Photography, I was hired to capture details of the ceremony and the groom in addition to photographing moments alongside Carly throughout the day. Upon arrival, Erica was getting her makeup done, the bridesmaids were all done-up with beautiful, colorful robes on, the florals were just arriving, Taylor, the event planner, was running around doing her thing with grace and poise, and the owners were standing back, admiring their beautiful Happy H Ranch venue transform into an enhanced version of its original state.

Instead of the formal handshake, Justin brought me in for a hug when I first met him and the groomsmen. Every single guy there was kind, funny and honoring. Erica’s dad came up and struck up a conversation with me about his photography which was so fun getting to learn about his artistic landscape work because that’s what my dad loves, too! I’ll never forget the bridal party’s kindness and joy throughout this precious day. I flew through ceremony details, loving all the signage, flowers, cake and country western decor, and in perfect timing, the groom and groomsmen walked out in all their swagger! I lead them outside the barn for some getting ready shots and fun “bro” pictures… and the best part was, we had an audience! At one point I looked back and saw a CROWD of people laughing and cheering which made the whole thing THAT MUCH more fun! I think Nate, Justin’s brother, made me laugh the hardest. Those two together had the best time and I can only hope my boys turn out that way some day! <3

In all the details, the ceremony, the first dance, toasts, sparkler exit and country music, my favorite part of the day you won’t see here… visit Carly Barton’s BLOG and scroll to the end where you’ll see Erica & Justin kissing under a tree, in the dark, with a backlit scene… I was hiding behind them with a flash, angling it just so for Carly to get that beautiful tree and hair-lit glow. ┬áIT WAS A BLAST seeing Erica’s face when she saw the back of Carly’s LCD screen!! At that moment, my heart was full. That’s what this job is all about. The moments. The smiles. The memories. The beauty. The way I get to serve so people can smile. Best. Job. Ever!!!!!