Kameel + David’s Engagement Session at the Cibolo Nature Center

When love is meant to be, meant to happen, meant to persist through it all, you know it must be true love. Kameel and David’s story – if you’re like me – will make you cry! I first heard the short version when we met in my office space for their wedding consult last year. It was so amazing to hear all about then, but reading it has a whole new impact. Kameel paints the perfect picture below in a MUST-READ!!! Oh! And don’t forget to scroll through Kameel + David’s engagement session at the Cibolo Nature Center below so you can see their love unfold in front of my lens!

…David and I first met freshman year of high school in 2007. We were in the same group of friends, and consistently hung out as a group, but never with him alone. Starting senior year, I knew he was interested in me, but I never saw him as potential partner, but as one of my best friends. When he expressed his feelings to me, I friend-zoned him (which I now regret), and after we graduated, we parted ways for about a year, as he went to Auburn University and I stayed in San Antonio attending UTSA. During spring break of freshman year, we reached out to each other and met at Starbucks to hang out and talk about our first year of college. As I talked to David more and more, I realized I missed him a lot and that potentially I did have romantic feelings for him, but I brushed it off. As we walked out of Starbucks to say goodbye to each other, we looked at each other face to face for what seemed like forever, and then I just decided to kiss him! I honestly didn’t know what came over me. So I guess that was our first date. We didn’t say much after that since we were both in shock, but we said goodbye and wished each other goodnight. After that “date” I still didn’t want to have a relationship with him due to the fear and difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Even after discussing my concerns with him, he still wanted to give it a chance, so we decided that summer to date and see how things went along. Before I knew it, we were hanging out every day and going on dinner dates, texting each other every minute, and even meeting each other’s parents. Near the end of August when he had to leave and go back to school, we couldn’t break it off. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, so when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes! We have been long-distance ever since for almost 8 years now, and it was never easy, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. David has been there for me through all my struggles during undergrad, and currently my frustrations of getting my PhD. I couldn’t imagine my life without my best friend and love of my life! He now teases me on how I continuously rejected him, but I just tease him back that I made the first move.

David proposed to me on June 5, 2019 during a cruise vacation with his whole family. We were on our 4th day of the cruise, and before we left to go to the beach at the Grand Caymans, he asked me to wear the blue one-piece swimsuit he liked with the blue cover-up to match. After swimming and lounging on the beach for a while with him and his family, he asked if we could take a walk on the beach. After only a few minutes of walking he said “ok, let’s go back it’s too hot out here,” which I thought was strange, but I brushed it off. As we walked back to where we were lounging I didn’t see his family or our bags there. As we kept walking, I saw his whole family under a cabana with a tray of champagne and glasses, and I knew at that moment what was happening. I immediately started crying and saying “no I’m not ready!”. As he got on one knee and said “how about we do this already?”, I nodded as I was wiping my tears and said yes! We all celebrated after the proposal at the beach. Surrounded by him and his whole family in paradise, it was the happiest moment of my life. Little did I know at that time, he asked me to wear that swimsuit to match my ring with blue sapphires.

Hair and Makeup: Alisa (Sister)
Ring: Robbins Brothers
1st Dress: Banana Republic
2nd Dress: Francesca’s 
Shoes: Asos

1st Shirt: Banana Republic
2nd Shirt: Men’s Wearhouse
Pants: Academy
Shoes: Cavender’s