KayCee + George’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!! KayCee and George have got to be some of the most fun individuals to hang out with!!!!! March 21st of 2020 is going to be a gas!! KayCee has the most JOYFUL smile, a beautiful heart and a man at her side who is patient, kind, loving and a perfect match in every way. Hanging out with them downtown as well as with there gorgeous sweetheart of a daughter, Aurora was like hanging with family. So before we get to the images of KayCee + George’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl, I’m DYING to release their story to you all… here ‘goes!!!

How They Met

“So we were both Architecture Students at SAC. George will tell you the first time we met was during finals of Design 2. Apparently I walked up to him and a mutual friend to ask a question about a final. I remember walking up to this friend to ask the question but I don’t remember George being there LOL!!! He said from that day on he referred to me as “that red head” and tried to find me all summer. Come the next semester, Design 3, he walked into our Studio I was there! Sitting across from our mutual friend. *so this is where my memory kicks in* This guy walks in to Design 3 and starts talking to the guy across from me and tries to pull me into the conversation. Of course I’m not having it because I’m so shy by nature! BUT I will say! That smile was mesmerizing <3 that was the hook! as time went on I found myself so drawn to him, like a creeper from my desk I could see him without him knowing I was watching LOL. As I got to know him I thought ‘MAN! he is so great, I could set him up with one of my girl friends!’ So I invited him to come hang out with my girls and go to Karaoke with us. Although he bailed, we texted all night… he asked me out a few weeks later. We went to dinner and a movie in the Quarry. And that night we had our first kiss… HOOK, LINE & SINKER. I knew from then on he would be in my life forever.”

How George Proposed

“Our proposal wasn’t a secret, we had been together for 8 years but non-the-less George planned the most amazing evening. We LOVE LOVE LOVE downtown SA!! We both worked downtown and love the vibe, the hustle and bustle. So we had dinner at Boudro’s and had the most amazing food, then we went to Soho for my favorite s’more martini and then he took me down to the river and popped the question. Of Course ‚Ķ right as he was down on one knee, a boat full of tourist passed by so we had a cheering section ūüôā LOL.”

“It was very us and the most perfect night with my best friend in the whole world!! He is my soulmate, best friend, and the most amazing father to our daughter. I would choose him over and over again in a hundred worlds… I’m not crying! your crying!!!”


Vendors to be Recognized!

Casual Outfit
Shirt: Amazon
Jeans: Guess 
Blue Shoes: DSW  
Dressy Outfit
Green Dress: Calvin Klein 
Nude Shoes: DSW 
KayCee did her own hair and make up! (she used to be a cosmetologist)
Make up: Senegence 
Lashes and Manicure are Red aspen 
The Ring
Zales: Vera Wang Collection