Kayla’s 2020 Senior Portraits

Just before Shelter in Place began, solidifying the reality of the impact the pandemic in San Antonio and surrounding areas, we managed to finally get Kayla’s Senior Portraits BOOKED! After 9 bad weather reschedules, I’m SO, beyond thankful we made this happen for Kayla. This young lady is incredibly beautiful, inside and out, and it was an honor to get to hang out for two hours! She is so relaxed, so much fun, has a smile that lit up the beautiful town of Gruene, TX. With that golden glow as our mission, the clouds decided to part a few times for us to allow for some much desired photographs, but even if that hadn’t happened, Kayla totally KILLED it at her modeling session. It wasn’t until the end that her mom, Nancy shared with me that she has interest in modeling!!! Y’all, someone give me Tyra’s number!!!! I’m just so happy for Kayla and all she is pursuing with the family business of selling Young Living while making a difference in people’s health. She wants to travel to Korea to visit family and even study abroad there. How cool would that be?!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through a few of the MANY images we captured during Kayla’s session. I hope to get to shoot her wedding one day. Wouldn’t that be amazing??! And Kayla, as you read this, know that I am praying for you during this graduation season that you find light in the darkness of this milestone being so drastically altered, throwing everyone for a loop. All you seniors out there, I’m so, SO sorry this has happened during class of 2020 (or at all!) and I truly hope you can find your creative ways to make it an epic year – one for the books!

~Hannah Charis