Kelley + Sydney’s Engagement Session at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne

Every time I have seen Kelley, working at 54th street or seen Sydney + Kelley together at Kelley’s sister, Heather’s house, I am blessed to get to witness the glimmer in Kelley’s eyes as Sydney seems to be the highlight of his days. Heather is my neighbor, so that’s how we were initially introduce, and let me tell you… I love conversations with Sydney – her bubbly giggle, wonderful wit and candid personality has you intrigued from the moment you meet her. And those piercing eyes! It’s hard not to stare, haha. Kelley has a very friendly personality as well… he’s very hospitable, engaging and relatable, and a darn good realtor + bar tender! 🤗 It’s fun because watching them together in the day-to-day is no different than Kelley + Sydney’s Engagement Session at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne. They were their same, happy go-lucky selves, perfectly in love and genuine in nature.

During the engagement session, we started near the river line, capturing some gorgeous pathway moments, and then headed down to the much anticipated water. As kids played and ran back and forth, we set up with some poses as we heard the kids’ laughter in the background. With Sydney’s dress + those gorgeous eyes and with Kelley’s ease of a genuine smile and loving gaze, I was able to capture some truly beautiful moments between these two. Then Kelley transformed into Huck Finn as he prepared to get his feed wet in the cold water (not to be confused with cold feet🙃), and we made our way to the shallow pathway of running, glistening water. They walked, danced, laughed and followed directions effortlessly as we were able to capture some forever memorable moments! Ring shots were next, followed by outfit #2 at the MARSH! That golden hour did NOT disappoint, as you see above and you’ll get to see as you scroll through these few photos I have highlighted below as some of my favorites from our time together. I’m so in love with these photos and hope y’all share in my enthusiasm! Perfect subjects, perfect day and perfect everything.

November 6th can’t come soon enough as once again I will be heading out to the Milestone NewBraunfels for the Gutierrez wedding! I feel like I’ve been there a lot lately with Daniela + Greg‘s wedding and then a week ago at Emily + Tyler’s, soon to be blogged! It’s perfect for a big party, a romantic ceremony and epic hill country backdrops! Not to mention that STAIRCASE! I cannot wait to party with my neighbors and celebrate this love between Kelley and Sydney that is completely undeniable!