Kirsten + Brandon’s Engagement Session at Chandelier of Gruene

These two. Oh my goodness am I ever excited for their wedding this week!! Thursday just cannot come soon enough! I met Kirsten and Brandon at the end of July while they were finalizing wedding plans and building excitement for their unity August 22nd! I sat in my office with them and Kirsten’s mom, Cindy, while we talked and laughed and got to know each other a bit. I’ll share more on how Kirsten and Brandon’s journey began after their wedding, but it was just a treasure to see the love in their eyes and the smiles from ear to ear.

We decided on doing their engagement session at their wedding venue (why not?!). Thankfully we went first thing in the morning, racing time before that first warm breeze and listening to the sounds of baby deer playing, sprinklers going off and cicadas winding down. Haley had left the lights on for us in the chapel and along the beautiful trees, so with heels to the pavement, we began walking the beautiful tree-lined pathway, launching right into Kirsten + Brandon’s Engagement Session at Chandelier of Gruene.

I cannot wait for you to scroll through and see the love between these two, but not just that. They have SO much fun together, they make each other laugh, and they know how to create that sparkle in each others’ eyes. It’s a beautiful thing to get to witness young love like this because it’s a lasting love, built with admiration, hard work, endearment, attraction, joy and an inseparable bond. As we move further into the week, my heart can’t help but leap for joy at this unity about to take place! To Kirsten + Brandon!

~Hannah Charis