Kirsten + Brandon’s Wedding at Chandelier of Gruene

To meet Brandon + Kirsten is to know love. To know Brandon + Kirsten is to know God’s love. From start to finish, Kirsten + Brandon’s Wedding at Chandelier of Gruene was circled around God, prayer, joy, adoration and more God and prayer. Interwoven throughout their wedding day, everything was about serving God first, giving Him glory, attention and complete devotion, and for that, I was grateful to witness.

First look with Dad was beautiful to watch as Kirsten leaned forward with the biggest smile on her face in a giddy emotion while her dad peeked around the corner to catch a glimpse of his not-so-little girl. They had both waited for this moment for a very long time, whether in anticipation or caution, they both knew this day would come, and the looks on their faces were priceless. Never will I forget.

With Dad getting ready for the ceremony, Brandon joined us outside to hold Kirsten’s hand behind the door and say a prayer before their big moment. Powerful and impactful, the prayer came to a close and the two love birds hid away for their ceremony to start! What a joy it was to see the excitement and emotion on both Brandon’s and Kirsten’s face as Brandon’s bride approached and Kirsten’s dad held her close, one more time. Giving his daughter away with a laugh and a hug, the ceremony of unity began with the ever awaited “You may kiss your bride” from Dennis, the pastor. Their forever journey had BEGUN! I couldn’t be more happy for these two. To Kirsten + Brandon!!!

Fabulous creative team to be recognized!!!