Leana + Jorge’s Wedding at the Laredo Mansion

Jorge and Leana were my first couple to decide to cancel their wedding due to COVID-19. The numbers were rolling in, the world was watching, the cities were shutting down and there was no end in sight. April 18th, 2020 was beginning to look like a day full of heartache instead of celebration, pj’s at home instead of glam at La Cantera Resort and drinks together alone instead of with friends and family. The Garcia/Peredes wedding date was no more. When I got the call, I was heart sick. I could feel a measure of their pain as they made the difficult decision to wait until further notice, and all I could do was hope for them. THANKFULLY, an opportunity opened up this Summer in Laredo at the Laredo Mansion, originally built in 1914 and recently finished being refurbished. When Leana reached out to me, I was in my home town of Redding, CA at my family’s house….. I’m not going to lie, I may have squealed! I was elated that their date was back on and in such a magnificent venue! A small wedding of around 30 people, a drive by parade and me flying solo to capture as many memories as I could… that was the plan! And, of course, Leana + Jorge’s Wedding at the Laredo Mansion was a success!!

Y’all, from start to finish with these two love birds, Jorge and Leana have been my kind of people. They are generous, thoughtful, caring, doting, fun, and a perfect match in every way. When I arrived to the venue, Jorge helped me get all my baggage inside, and when I left, Jorge, Leana and the mansion manager helped get all my baggage back in the car! I was asked countless times if I ate enough, had enough to drink and if my room was perfect… the owner even left flowers in my room as a sweet gesture. And during toasts, as you’ll see in the photos below, I caught a glimpse of Leana as she toasted to ME and thanked me before saying I felt like part of their family. At the end of my trip, I got to have breakfast and learn of the immense love they have for Cori + Sebastian (Jorge’s and Now Leana’s kiddos), and I got to hear about their hearts for others and how they are already on a journey of constantly working toward growing as a couple to be even more of a powerhouse than they already are. To say I adore them is an understatement.

And don’t get me started on Leana with her dad! We got to do a first look moment right before they walked down the aisle, and the look on his face is priceless! I can’t wait for you to get through my rambling and see all the images from this perfect day. From the dress, to the shoes, to the company, the gifts, the fun and the epic first look moment when Jorge saw Leana for the first time and put his hands on his chest in complete awe and overflowing gratitude for the perfect woman walking toward him to choose him every day for the rest of their lives. What a truly remarkable moment and many moments I got to witness and capture throughout the new date to celebrate: November 14th, 2020!!

Vendors to be recognized…
VENUE: Laredo Mansion
HMU: Makeup: Stephanie Vela, Hair: Fabiola
DRESS: Watters from Liv and Love Bridal
FLORALS: Gonzalez family aka Laredo Mansion Owners
MUSIC: Little Sister, a local band
CAKE: Cakeland, a local bakery
CATERING: Finas Cooking and Catering
SUIT: Lozanos