Maddie + Justin’s Wedding

Wow, wow, wow. The florals, the gown, the ring, the details, the church, the couple, the family, the friends! Everything about this wedding made my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I can’t wait for you to see the images because it just takes you through the dream of a day I had – Greatest Showman, I GOTCHA! Dreaming with my eyes wide open for sure! Maddie was a precious gem with her kind smile and inviting personality. Everything out of her friends’ and family’s mouths were everything sweet and completely packed with admiration. She has a wealth of love surrounding her. AND the way they talked about her -now- husband was filled with excitement and ready with joy. The way Justin’s friends and family spoke of him was much the same. Things like “Heart of gold” and “faithful friend” and “authentic” were some of the many ways used to describe this man that Maddie has fallen head over heels for. I wish there was a video attached so you could experience the love, joy, romance and lots of laughter and celebration that went on this beautiful October day at the Seguin Coliseum.

Shot for Ashley Medrano