Paul + Christy, Baby #2

It must be in the water because once I finished with Dustin + Monica’s Maternity session and their newborn, Isaiah’s session, I get a message from Christy (Monica’s coworker) that it’s her turn! Meeting Paul + Christy was such a wonderful experience, along with their 3-yr-old, Alexia! It’s not often that I get to photograph a pregnant mamma who is adding to her family, so this was a truly special time. I loved getting to watch Alexia kiss on mama’s belly, hug on her daddy, dance to music and enjoy her mom’s phone while some apps kept her entertained. =)

The tea gardens were lit with perfect, golden light as we made our way around the gardens, experiencing new growth and small buds welcoming an early Spring. As soon as Christy would smile, the air around her brightened even more than it already was. She was glowing like the trees behind her while the sun danced through her hair and outlined her beautiful baby bump! Isn’t new life beautiful in every way?! Watching time after time, mom after mom, it never gets old being in awe of the magnificence that is the female body. Christy displays in all perfection how truly wonderful pregnancy can be.

I hope to get the opportunity to meet their baby girl #2! Until then, enjoy these glimpses into Paul + Christy, Baby #2! Feel their excitement with me as we journey through the Japanese Tea Gardens with grace, fun, beauty and joy. Enjoy!