Robert and Vanessa Maternity

Greeted by a joyful and friendly security guard, I arrived at Vanessa & Robert’s gorgeous neighborhood.  Bare trees from the Wintery season were everywhere, light was peeking through every branch, the bridge was being used by neighbors to take their evening walks or throw a ball to their dog as the sinking sun lit their path.  It was a beautiful afternoon, just two hours before sunset, and I was brimming with excitement.

Pulling up to Vanessa and Robert’s house, I collected my things  and approached the door.  Robert greeted me and welcomed me in.  From a distance I heard a sweet voice say, “Come on back”.  As I reached the kitchen, there she stood.  Vanessa was finishing Eloisa’s hair, and I was watching in complete admiration.  Vanessa had been having Braxton Hicks all day long and was uncomfortable; however, the smile on her face, the light in her eyes, the glow in her spirit and the cheery disposition told a completely different story.

With a quick outfit change into her justVH  Maxi Gown by iloveuloveme on Amazon,  we were off to drive toward the bridge.  Immediately I could tell that Vanessa and Robert are well-loved in their neighborhood because it seemed they knew every couple who was out for a stroll.  Some showed them pictures from their iphones and others complemented Vanessa on her beauty.  I really enjoyed seeing the love going around.

Throughout the session, Vanessa swished her dress, laughed out loud, modeled, smiled, and completely filled my heart with joy.  Did I mention her 4 inch heels?!  I can’t say enough how much she radiated that pregnancy glow (real thing, by the way!).  She even brought a purple Ruici Maxi gown to change into which I absolutely LOVED.

It was fun to get the kiddos in there for some pictures, too.  They kissed mamma’s belly, genuinely smiled, and worked that camera like there’s already a photographer in the family… because there is! Haha.  Robert is a phenomenal photographer with a great eye and I always love seeing the pictures which seem to be the wallpaper of their walls.  So many beautiful memories, so you can imagine the honor it is for me to get to be a part of capturing some of those memories for them as well.

Vanessa, Robert, Everett and Eloisa, thank-you-thank-you for inviting me out to your home for some fantastic memories made and some cherished moments that I forever hold dear in my heart.  Thank you – also – for calling my photos ETHEREAL!  You get the award for first client to use that word – haha.  Y’all are such a blessing to me.