Tristyn + Michael’s Engagement Session at Confluence Park

Aren’t Tristyn + Michael a beautiful couple??! Tristyn’s crush on Michael started when she was in 6th grade and he in 8th! It’s been 12 years since they had their first date, and it’s so fun to get to see such a long lasting love be as fiery as ever. Soul mates to the core and beautiful inside and out, it was so fun to spend two hours photographing Tristyn + Michael’s Engagement Session at Confluence Park! They seriously made my day and once again I was reminded why I do what I do. They came prepared with their two perfect outfits, a sense of adventure, and glowing smiles that spoke to who they are to each other! Once again I jumped across to the river side and we captured some truly ethereal moments there, and of course we practiced all the posing and had SUCH a wonderful time laughing, twirling and swooning over their images!!! I cannot wait for their wedding!!!!!!!!

Their Story:

Growing up in a small Texas town and attending a high school with less than 100 kids in a graduating class, it was inevitable that all the students would at least know each other’s names.  Tristyn and Michael had a science class together and because she thought he was cute, when would share answers on assignments with him and they slowly got to know each other.  Little did Michael know Tristyn had been harboring a crush on him since she was in sixth grade. He was a couple years older than she was, so he really didn’t take much notice of her. A year after they had graduated, Tristyn saw that he had created a Facebook profile and immediately added him as a friend. They got back in touch and went out for ice cream with a mutual friend. That was the first of many times they spent together as they became inseparable. Almost every day from that time, they went out for late night runs to Whataburger for milkshakes and honey butter chicken biscuits and went frequently on movie dates. That was almost 12 years ago! After many years and three children together, Michael finally made the decision to ask Tristyn to marry him. During a spring family photo shoot, he planned to surprise her, but while putting her arms around him for one of the poses, she discovered the ring in his back pocket. Although the “romantic” proposal had been spoiled by accident, Tristyn was ecstatic to share that special moment with Michael and their children. They are all very excited for the upcoming wedding and can’t wait to spend the joy with family and friends on that day.

Tristyn’s dress is from bloomchic and her romper is from shein! Her stunning ring is from Helzberg Diamonds!!!