Zac + Tracy’s Engagement Session at the King Williams District

Zac + Tracy are getting married!!! These two are fun-having, hard working, baseball loving, fur-baby loving love birds! I think our wedding consult was about 1.5 hours as we talked and reminisced and got to know each other a bit. THEN I had the honor of photographing their family before their engagement session in June! With a September wedding on the horizon, Zac + Tracy’s Engagement Session at the King Williams District in downtown San Antonio was the perfect way to calm nerves, learn my posing tips + tricks, and bring out their shy personalities with images that capture their love for one another. When you meet these two in person, they may be reserved, they will absolutely feel welcoming and they are kind to the core! I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting for September 17th at the Club at Garden Ridge! Let’s GO!


We met in college during the fall semester my freshman year/his sophomore year in financial accounting class, I had a boyfriend at the time so Zac and I only spoke in passing during class. In the spring we took several classes together because we were both business majors. My boyfriend at the time and I broke up in January. Zac and I spoke more but we were both focused on our respective sports, myself(softball) him(baseball). Zac  around the beginning of the spring semester tried to reach out on Facebook and I never saw the message because I didn’t have the messenger app downloaded. Around mid February some of the softball players and baseball players decided to make a midnight run to IHOP in the next town. Thankfully Zac and I both went, we ended up sitting next to each other, hitting it off and getting each other phone numbers and snapchats. 


Funnily enough what we both thought was a first date went to a little burrito place called Panchos; however, we were both too awkward to talk about how we felt neither of us wanted to ruin anything. Sadly we were interrupted and had to rush back to school…I forgot I had curfew(softball team rule). Our 1st official date was to a restaurant in Wichita and then we came back to the dorms, hung out with friends where my best friend Mick prompted Zac to ask me to be his girlfriend. 


He proposed while we were in quarantine in our apartment, a few weeks prior I was checking out the tactical backpack I got him for christmas and accidentally stumbled on a brochure for rings. I immediately put it back and apologized, thinking he was looking at buying a ring. Turns out Zac thought I saw the receipt for the ring and thought I knew he had a ring. After this our whole office was sent to quarantine because our 2 bosses had covid, so on 1/26/22 he got down on 1 knee. 


Tracy: Everything was from Kohl’s minus the Romper which was from Target

Zac: Maroon shirt (Cavanders) Grey Shorts (Academy), 2nd outfit(Men’s wearhouse) Hat(Herb’s Hats)

Sensational Hair did the color of Tracy’s hair, she styled it and did her own makeup

Ring is from Zales