Addison Turns One – Mini Session

What could light up a warm day in a San Antonio field better than a sweet little angel, dressed up in her birthday best. Not only did Addison light up that field at golden hour, but she also brightened my heart. Yes, Addison is precious, adorable, sweet and has an infectious smile. True, she looks like she could be in every Macy’s catalogue across the nation and those beautiful blue eyes are striking to look at. ¬†Absolutely she loves her sweet mamma, Lisa, and her daddy, Andrew with her whole heart and she made Lisa light up with joy during the session. Of course her tiny toes and hands are kissable and perfect. All true statements but none come close to the fact that it was only a year ago I was photographing Miss Addison as she slept through a two hour session as a newborn, peaceful as could be and tiny like a delicate flower. It’s these moments that are so precious to me as a photographer because I get to see a transformation from newborn to 1 and many times beyond. My heart felt bright and joyful getting to see this sweet darlin’ be picked up out of her car seat and sat into my white wagon. I even used the same blanket from when Addison was sleeping at her newborn session because I felt it added an extra element of sentiment. I adore my clients, and getting to see their kiddos grow is a gift that is irreplaceable.

I can just imagine now the balloons, the pink, the cake, the giggles, the ooh’s and aah’s, the honor and the admiration packed into one birthday party for this loved child. Thinking about her party at the session made me smile ear to ear as I made loud, high-pitched silly sounds and laughed and giggled to get this little miss to smile. I feel like Lisa and I were giving 100% the full 30 minutes, and let me tell you, it was fun to see her reactions! She went from sweet to cheese to tears and back to sweet again so fast that I had my shutter working hard, but it was so worth it and a fun process in getting her little personality to come out and show us what Mom & Dad get to see day in and day out. I really hope you get to enjoy scrolling through these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them…. and keep scrolling to the very bottom to see a photo of Addison’s newborn photo from 2017!

Thank you Lisa & Andrew for trusting me with these precious memories once again!!

~Hannah Charis