Chris & Mayra Maternity Session at La Villita

Must be in the water because yet another maternity session has graced my blog! (& I’m LOVING it!!!) Mayra contacted me due to a suggestion from her boss, Brady, a previous client of mine from the 2018 bluebonnet minis! (here’s a pic). I’m so thankful he suggested me because NOW I get to have more amazing people in my life! Mayra and Chris are expecting a boy, CJ, and it was incredible to watch them parent and love on their son, Jameson (age 2). They played with him, loved on him, showed affection and even brought grandma to help. That boy loved 3 things: to be loved on, his ball, and kissing mamma’s belly! Well, maybe the ball was priority 1. ¬†Chris went on a ball hunt because it got lost at one point in a hard-to-reach spot. Haha, what a good dad to go in and get it!!

I love that Mayra and Chris chose La Villita in San Antonio because I had never been and I LOVE going to new places. ¬†Apparently I’ve been missing out!! Fiesta is there, there’s a gorgeous waterfall, the church is amazing and the courtyard has so much to see!! Beautiful Spanish architecture is everywhere, and the colorful lights and banners are hard to miss. I’d love to go back some time just to admire and stroll through. Of course I’d be missing out on the amazing company! Maybe that’s what made it so good?! Getting to laugh with Chris and Mayra, getting to watch as they felt CJ kick and admired that beautiful belly, getting to listen and watch as they gave each other looks of admiration, joy, love and beautiful friendship, and getting to watch their personalities unfold in front of my lens made for an incredible Sunday afternoon. A glimpse into the lives of these love birds, this growing family, and this glowing picture of family.

Thank you, Mayra & Chris, for welcoming me into your world, laughing at my jokes, enjoying yourselves at the session and making memories that last. I hope we get to see each other again soon! I’d love nothing more! CJ is in good hands, and there are no words that fully describe the blessing it is to have been a part of his life in some way. I treasure every moment with you all, down to the second.

~Hannah Charis