Ashlee + Chad’s Engagement Session at Landa Park

These two are like Meat and Potatoes… Why?? Because they are always good for a ROAST! 😂 Okay, I came up with that all by myself and now I’m cracking myself up. Don’t mind me. But seriously, it was truly a blast getting to know Ashlee + Chad. When we had talked before and when we corresponded, they seemed so laid back, quiet and shy. When they are around each other, it’s a whole other story! They love to roast each other and laugh a LOT! And their main request was to have a beautiful landscape at their session with no people watching them! As many of you know, Landa Park is NOT that, so my favorite part of this session had to be after ring shots and after they changed into outfit number two. I found a quiet piece of the park, next to the train tracks where we could do a beautiful bridge backdrop lift kiss with nobody watching! (Right??! Perfect idea!) I stood them there, coached them perfectly into exactly how to make this photo happen (one and done). Chad was amazing at it… he lifted Ashlee with ease, Ashlee popped her foot and pointed her toes, and we were ready to snap away! … then their worst nightmare happened. A train FULL of people came chugging by, and it only took one to yell out ‘SHE SAID YES!’ for the entire crowd to loudly cheer! Ashlee stuck her hand out to show off the ring as they continued to kiss for their photo. Maybe it was a mistake to have Ashlee + Chad’s engagement session at Landa Park, but man, it was awesome! Haha. I can’t wait for you to scroll through the photos and find out how Meat and Potatoes came to be a couple!

“Chad and I met through a mutual friend our freshman year of college at Angelo State. We instantly sparked a friendship and never thought of each other as anything more than friends. A couple years went by and we both ended up transferring to Texas Tech. 

After 4 years of friends constantly nudging us that we should date and us swearing to them we were perfectly fine as friends, Chad was in his last year of college and randomly decided to just go for it. I was super hesitant and wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment at that point in my life but Chad was persistent all while being patient with me, but it was when he was willing to move on and leave the thought of us getting together behind that I realized I’d regret not getting to date my best friend and see what happened. I think it’s safe to say that not only was dating my best friend easier than I ever thought it’d be, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m so glad we went for it. 

On Labor Day weekend we planned to meet up at our friends lake house for a fun weekend. We were told to dress nice because it was our friend’s mom’s birthday and we were going to go to the local restaurant. I was wearing my crocs the whole drive and Chad was being VERY persistent that I put my nice sandals on before we arrived. I thought he was just being a psycho. I always wear my crocs. 

When we arrived at the lake house I saw all the cars and went inside the house and didn’t see anybody. I told Chad they must be around back and when we turned the corner I saw a beautiful balloon setup in front of the lake. I still thought this was for the birthday mom at this point 😂 then our song started playing and I knew what was really happening! He walked me to the setup and got down on one knee and I guess the rest is history! Now he’s stuck with me for good!”

Dresses- Dillards 
Chad’s shirts-Wards Western Wear 
My shoes- Shoe Dept. & Ross 
Ring- J. Keith’s jewelers in Lubbock 
Makeup- Megan with Southern Tease