Keri + Todd’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl

Do you ever hope or wonder… “what if I caught a ray of sunshine in my hands and everyone knew I was holding it?” That is what it was like to capture Keri + Todd’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl. These two not only light up like the sun around each other, but they make you feel like a brighter person, just by knowing or even meeting them! They giggle, they gaze, they are passionate, they love God and they couldn’t be more meant for each other! They literally shine, and I’m not just talking about Keri’s dress! I can’t wait for you to read their story, experience their love through the below images and most of all, I cannot WAIT to photograph their wedding June 4th!

“We met online during COVID.  Both of us were using our quarantine time to work on our online dating.  We had both talked to a few other people and had a few dates.  My subscription was 2 weeks from expiring when Todd contacted me.  He had been disappointed with the people he was meeting, so he did a very specific criteria search, and I was the only one who popped up within his search radius.  He sent me a message on July 12, and we talked for the first time on July 14.  Our first date was a hiking date in New Braunfels 4 days later.  A few minutes into our hike, Todd stopped and asked if he could pray for us.  It was such a sweet and solid way to start our date!  Something must have been good because our date lasted for about 4 hours and included BBQ take-out and mini golf.  We’ve talked every day since then, sometimes for hours and hours.

We officially started dating in August 2020, and met each other’s families pretty soon thereafter. Todd took me back to the same trail where we had our first date to propose.  Everyone in my family and his knew his plans except me, and boy did I do everything I possibly could to foil his plans!  Unintentionally of course!  Just me being practical and way too organized!  We had planned to use a family ring, but ended up choosing not to.  Unbeknownst to me, Todd swapped the family ring for my engagement ring.  When he handed me the pouch, I panicked because I could not feel the large ring inside.  He very calmly told me open the pouch and then dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him.  He says my answer was yes, Yes, YES!

Keri’s outfits: Ann Taylor, Cavenders
Todd’s clothes: Macy’s, the Gap, J. Crew
My ring is from James Allen
My shoes are from DSW and Cavenders.