Ashten + Chris’ Wedding at the Japanese Tea Gardens

This was definitely one of the most unique weddings I have ever done… and I loved EVERY minute of it! Ahten + Chris’ Wedding at the Japanese Tea Gardens took a few months to plan – or was it a few days? Haha, two of the most laid back people I have ever met! Ashten is from New England and planned this San Antonio wedding from afar, no clue what San Antonio had in store and no clue which vendors to trust. She did; however, know she could trust Wedding Wire, so that’s where she began her search. During these times of caution with COVID-19 on the loose, I have been able to be extra flexible with scheduling, so when Ashten through a couple different dates out there with a maybe tied to both of them – due to Chris’ special Warfare SERE specialist training being a factor – I was all for helping her out… I knew she needed someone to work with her scheduling needs and I leapt at the chance to help her plan.

As the dates got closer, Ashten finalized the wedding date the week before and booked her flight, still no location set, but they had some ideas – the Japanese Tea Gardens being one of them! With a wedding party so small that I was one of the witnesses, it didn’t make sense to reserve a spot at the gardens, so we went to Brackenridge Park! What. A. Perfect. Decision!! The ducks were floating around in the background and we had the park to ourselves with the occasional distant whisper, “Oh look, they’re getting married!” Mike, their officiant, was amazing and got them laughing quite a few times. And then we had a full hour and a half of PORTRAIT TIME!!!!!! You know me, the more portrait time I get with my couples, the more excited I get!!!!! We took some portraits there, at Brackenridge Park and then off to the Japanese Tea Gardens!! Y’all, after you finish reading their story…. SCROLL THROUGH THESE IMAGES!!! We had SO much fun together!!!!

Their Story…

While living in Beverly, MA and practically living at the beaches and enjoying the different bars/night life, Ashten + Chris kept spotting each other! They had originally met through mutual friends, but since they kept meeting like this, it was inevitable they would have their first kiss. It was 2014 and their being together seemed so right that they predominantly moved in together a few nights after Chris kissed Ashten for the first time. And guess what?? These two have been inseparable ever since! After a while, Chris decided to ask Ashten to be his girlfriend. He covered the apartment with rose petals and candles, leading her to the table. There, he left a note saying how much he cared for her and that he was waiting in the next room to ask her something. He asked if he could keep her. (How sweet is that?!)

Fast forward four years… Ashten + Chris took a trip to see his hometown and his family in Cincinnati, OH. He took her to a beautiful spot in Cincinnati, overlooking the entire city, got down on one knee and proposed with one simple question: “Can I keep you forever?” SHE SAID YES! In the beginning of 2020, Chris left for AF-BMT in Texas and due to COVID Ashten + Chris haven’t been able to see each other for six months. He has been going through Special Warfare SERE specialist training which is very selective, so they only knew if this wedding was actually going to happen a few days before.

“Our adventure continues to Washington State where neither of us have been before, and we could not be more excited.” -Ashten

Ashten’s dress is from Lulu’s
Both Ashten + Chris’ shoes are from DSW.
Chris’ shirt and pants are from Brooks Brothers, and his suspenders are from Lacoste
Hair and makeup was done by Ashten, herself. 
Ashten’s engagement ring is a 1950s estate antique from Ross Simons
Both Ashten + Chris’ wedding bands are from Etsy 
Venues – Japanese Tea Gardens + Brackenridge Park