Monica + Lee’s Engagement Session at Phil Hardberger Park

I’m so thankful Monica found me on Instagram!!! Her and Lee had literally JUST got engaged that week and we made immediate plans to schedule Monica + Lee’s Engagement Session at Phil Hardberger Park! They recently bought their first home together, so we started there with their sweet pups, Finn + Loki! Only after arriving at Phil Hardberger Park for the 2nd half of their session, Monica shared that this was the place Lee broke up with her at one point! 🙈 I was cracking up. Of course, they wanted their session there! What better way to prove they are M.F.E.O.?!


(9/13/2018) – We were both at Wild West two years ago when our friends met and started talking to each other. He and I were stuck playing wingman and playing pool with each other. After talking smack and having some fun banter with each other, he asked me for a dance. We were great on the dance floor! Since that night we became inseparable and continue to dance with each other on our porch at night.


It was late one night and after talking on the phone we were both craving wings. Everything nearby was closed except for Twin Peaks which we ended opting for. When it was time to order wings, he got boneless thinking I would do the same to try and not be messy on a first date. He was surprised when my regular order came in and I made fun of him over it. Couple beers, great conversation and many laughs later we got a second date on the books. When it came to officially getting the bf/gf title, we couldn’t tell you. After a year of being together we decided on November 22 because it landed on a Friday and we could grill to celebrate. 


(9/5/2020) – We usually go to Medina Lake every other weekend during the summer so it is a very special place for us to have time with each other and our 2 dogs. He had engraved a yeti koozie for his father and grandpa for father’s day with the Texas star and last name RICKS around it that looked great. I wanted to engrave the one I had with my name but had no idea what to do for the other side, he suggested the same star – I refused to have a name that wasn’t mine. Saturday of Labor Day Weekend 2020 comes along, we are sittting in our rocking chairs about to have a beer and his nephew hands me my newly engraved koozie with my name and the star with it. I said “Thanks but.. it’s still not my name”, to which he responded “I know” as he got on one knee. His parents were there, mine popped out of nowhere. It was absolutely perfect.

Lee’s vest is from Orvis
Monica’s Red Poncho is from Amazon (she got it specifically for the shoot $27 – a great deal!)
HMU: Monica!
The RING is from Dennis Jewelers in San Antonio (they have made most if not all of his mother’s jewelry)
Boots: Lee’s are from Tecovas and Monica’s are Lucchese!