Bailey is Turning 9 – Cibolo Nature Center – Boerne, TX

This has been a huge year for Bailey, my eldest child.  On the 27th of February she will be turning 9 years old, and with that has come a huge transformation.  She’s becoming a young lady, discovering her identity, her style, her likes/dislikes, her strengths and weaknesses and her walk with God.  She’s finding a balance between being at home and playing with friends, doing homework and completing chores.  It’s a time in life that I don’t remember much of other than climbing trees, playing Frisbee with my dad, chatting with my mom on her bed about anything and everything, playing video games and playing in the backyard with my siblings – and the class clowns at school… I definitely remember those! Haha.

One thing most people don’t know about Bailey is that she has a deep heart of worship for God.  Every night she worships God and falls asleep to Bethel Music. She prays to God the most out of my four kids and her heart seems to be made of gold. She is thoughtful and kind, never wanting to leave anyone out, which is a hard task in 3rd grade, and among her friends in our neighborhood.  Bailey’s fashion consists of leggings, then shorts, a random T-shirt and a choker around her neck.  She loves gymnastics, dance, making movies on her non-lg iphone, listening to music, and she really wants to begin horse-back riding.

As a mom, I hope to remain her friend, always and forever.  I hope to be like the Gilmore Girls and be inseparable, always!  We love shopping together (it’s our favorite thing to do-just us), and we love going to Starbucks.  We love watching ONCE Upon a Time, Chick Flicks and we love getting dolled up together.  Oh, and ICE CREAM! We love us some chocolate Blue Bell ice cream with gummy bears inside!!!  I love my girl – the girl who gave me my favorite name: “Mom”. Best. Gift. Ever.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through about 30 minutes worth of photos at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX.  Bailey ROCKED IT!

~Hannah Charis