Raylyn Joy Newborn Photos

Raylyn Joy Mathis was born on February 13th at 7:12PM. She is 8lbs 5oz and 20 3/4″ long, and healthy.  In these images, Raylyn is just 5 days NEW! Sandy (Mom) and Andrew (Dad) are personal friends of ours.  They now have four amazing children – all girls – and their names are Autumn, Winter, Lakelyn and now Raylyn.  FUN FACT that they recently shared on facebook: “All of our girls were born in Winter, except Winter who was born in Autumn.”  Hahaha I just love these guys!

I went to Sandy and Andrew’s new home on Sunday morning.  Their house smelled amazing and was absolutely spotless!!!  How? I don’t know – maybe they have their own personal fairies??! =) I set up my lighting, props, and -as always- set out my treasure chest of “goodies” for Sandy to look through so she could choose colors and head bands for Ms Raylyn to wear… I LOVED HER CHOICES! While the 30 minutes of set up was happening, Andrew Kindly fixed me a delicious cup of coffee and Raylyn just slept through it all.  She was such an angel!

After setup was complete, I started off by wrapping Raylyn in the purple wrap that Sandy had picked out.  I kept her feet peeking through because who doesn’t want to see little tiny baby toes?!!!  Once she was snuggly, content, and drowsy, I laid her next to the lavender to add in some extra purple in the photo.  She yawned and laid still while I was able to capture some sweet moments.  We ended up being able to do about 5 different poses with her as she slept through four of those five!  What a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than capturing a sleeping beauty, featuring Raylyn Joy in her Newborn Photos?!

Thank you Mathis Family for allowing me this phenomenal time with your new addition.  She’s perfect!