Christmas Mini Sessions in September

Today was a good day.  I stood in the field at Walker Ranch Park, set up some Christmas props, and found mounds of joy, overflowing as I saw the first client of the day wave with a big smile.  A mom of three, Courtnay sweetly brought her family over and watched as her amazing kids worked their magic in front of my lens.
When Meg arrived with her two angels and doggie(Hunter), we watched as he chased the hotdogs for a pose and licked Meg and her precious children, creating genuine laughter and smiles, only a pet can create.  I just adore how those images came out!
Lucy and Sean arrived next with their three strapping boys.  We navigated through the deer droppings and stickers to a place where the lighting was magical.  From there we were able to capture Lucy & Sean as if they fell in love all over again.
For about 5 years now I have been photographing the Oliva family.  Their photo is above (don’t they look amazing in their outfits?!… Their three boys are growing so fast, and I have had the pleasure of watching them inch higher and look more and more handsome every day.  Vanessa & Zach are amazing parents that I always enjoy photographing.
When the Streets arrived, my dear friends, I was so excited to see Rachel’s adorable outfit with yellow socks peeking out of her boots.  Macaley had a “good” case of the giggles, and Ethan – well, he just lit up the camera with his dashing smiles.  Truly a beautiful family, inside & out.
Last, but not least, is the Lawrence family.  I had the pleasure of photographing their amazing son with Downsyndrome at a Changing The Face Of Beauty (CTFOB) event!  Oh my goodness, both of the Lawrence boys have such charm and fun about them, and it was a pleasure getting to play and dane with them both!
All my best,

Hannah Charis