Japanese Tea Gardens Pregnancy Announcement

Andrew and Reena’s Japanese Tea Gardens pregnancy announcement is ready to be shouted to the roof-top!  Baby number two is on her way, and they are not only in love but ecstatic!  Avenish is their three-year-old son, and he’s excited as well.  I was so blessed to have the opportunity to walk around the Japanese Tea Gardens with them and capture some truly wonderful moments.
Avenish was absolutely adorable as he laughed, smiled, posed and made hulk faces, too! Haha. He loved to “Pound it” and then “explode it”, causing me to “blow up”! It was play time at the Japanese Tea Gardens, and I was so thankful for that time with him.
In addition to some fun play time, we also saw SO many young ladies, preparing for their Quinceanera!  Avenish was convinced that they were princesses, and Reena was so sweet to take some time with him and introduce him to some of the beautiful “princesses”.  Avenish looked like he was just introduced to the Queen of England!  He was instantly full of joy and awe.  I loved watching Reena as a mom in those moments – precious, precious.
I truly wish this family the absolute best as they move to Pasadena, CA and make new memories.  Thank you for contacting me and making my life that much more RICH with memories.

~Hannah Charis