Daniela + Greg’s Family Session at the Cibolo Nature Center

Already having grown very fond of this amazing couple, Abelito was extra easy to fall in love with! He’s what I call a “forever puppy” because that face literally never gets old! Haha. Daniela + Greg’s family session at the Cibolo Nature Center fell exactly on their wedding date of October 24th, 2020. Welcoming their new date in February of 2021 with full acceptance, Daniela and Greg lit up the marsh at the nature center like fireflies at night. Everything was perfectly golden to go with their pumpkin picnic, and the air was crisp and wonderfully perfect! Nothing could bring this day down.

It has been wonderful to see every bride I have in the books with how they have faced the beast that is 2020. It’s remarkable to see the joy, the love, the perseverance and the above board attitudes through the changing of plans and quarantined life. My mind is blown. Thank you, Daniela + Greg, for being just that: a couple in love who has persevered through it all with grace and joy, not letting 2020 take you down. You are a true inspiration to many! You too, Abelito!!!

After you are done scrolling through their family session, check out Daniela + Greg’s Engagement session at the Japanese Tea Gardens from back in July of 2019! They still have that same GLOW!