Daniela + Greg’s Engagement Session at the Japanese Tea Gardens

How They Met

Daniela + Greg’s Engagement Session at the Japanese Tea Gardens makes their history come to life! These two met in high school and inevitably kept running into each other and being seated near each other since their last names were so close (Jauregui-Jimenez) – thank goodness for alphabetic seating charts!! These two friends never complained as they went through Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years as meant-to-be friends. When Senior year began, Daniela + Greg started getting closer, making the move to college at different universities a painful thought. Having foresight into the hardship of long-distance, they decided a relationship would need to wait.

The Long Distance Strategy

So Daniela went off to UT in Austin and Greg left for Texas A&M. Of course they kept in touch and yes, you guessed it! Their long distance strategy failed. They were talking and texting all day long, Skype calling and even a visit from Greg! They made it to Christmas break of their freshman year before realizing there was truly something special between them and that they should probably give this long distance thing a try! They dated 6 years!!! Can’t keep this couple down with the distance between them. It only drove them closer together.

The Proposal

Ruidoso for Christmas? Sure, let’s do it! This past Christmas, Daniela and Greg made the trip to Ruidoso. Upon arrival, they went to a beautiful lake and walked for a while, enjoying the sites. Greg saw a perfect spot to get down on one knee – the backdrop, the surroundings, the peacefulness. With one knee bent and the rehearsed question finally asked, Daniela accepted!

It was the most beautiful and thoughtful proposal ever!!


Well, little did Daniela know, Greg had been planning this for months and was able to get BOTH of their families, along with Daniela’s best friends, to surprise her back at the cabin!! Of course, the cabin was decorated with candles and pictures of the happy couple, and Daniela’s heart and Greg’s heart were overflowing with joy. Everyone got dressed up that evening and went to dinner to celebrate… Daniela couldn’t have dreamed of a better proposal – he had thought of it all.

I truly hope you enjoy seeing the happiness between these two love birds during their engagement session!! Especially since I almost died! Just kidding – I meant to say almost got bit by a snake!! LOL. Not the first time in this business, but whew, that was a close one! Got the ring shot tho!!! Last time I was at the Tea Gardens, I was photographing Steph + Jacob who’s wedding is September 1st at Gruene Estate!! Waiting until October of next year to get to shoot Daniela + Greg’s wedding is going to be tough, but I’ll be ready and stoked when October 24th, 2020 gets here!! The Milestone in New Braunfels, here we come!

Vendors To Be Recognized

  • Daniela’s White Outfit: Macy’s
  • Daniela’s Shoes and Second Outfit: Target
  • Greg’s Suit and Shoes: Macy’s
  • Greg’s Blue Shirt and tan Khaki’s: Perry Ellis
  • Greg’s Second Shoes: Aldo’s
  • THE RING: Zales
  • Hair & Makeup – ALL Daniela!!