Emily + Justin’s Engagement Session in Bigfoot, TX

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “Where’s Bigfoot, TX?” Well I had the honor of taking a little drive from my San Antonio Bubble, on the way to Corpus and onto a dirt road for Emily + Justin’s Engagement Session in Bigfoot, TX. After passing the lot I was supposed to go to, I drove about 10 minutes to an unknown road with cattle on either side of me. Thankful for reception, Emily and her sweet mama, Amy, coached me down the right path until I found them… Emily + Justin, their 3, 4-legged kiddos and Emily’s mom and sister, Katy, ready and waiting to get this party started!

A broken lock didn’t stop us in our dresses.. we hopped the fence, rummaged through my flower crowns from Boho Halo Company for the perfect addition to their get-up and then started on through the poses! Emily was so sweet, so quiet and incredibly kind – it was a joy to watch her look at her fiancĂ© in adoration and pure happiness. Justin was refreshingly gleeful with his consistent laugh and cheery disposition, and I am pretty sure the tall grass below them stood tall in efforts to take part in their journey as a happily ever after type of love. Even the crickets and cicadas watched silently as their love story unfolded through my lens.

Most of the time I meet my couples in person before their engagement session, but with Emily in Corpus and Justin living in Encinal, TX, we actually met on FaceTime which was a lot of fun! I learned of their love story beginning at an archery class where Emily could outshoot Justin (She’s an in-person Merida!), and they would go on tournaments together and compete in archery! How cool is that??! And now Justin is getting into bird hunting as they just purchased their ADORABLE Remi, a beautiful Pointer who is going to assist Justin in the bird hunting venture. It was so sweet to have all 3 of their dogs with them and get a big family photo in addition to the engagement photos. =)

I feel like there should be a country song made for these two love birds… who knows, maybe there already is! Well enough talking… Here’s some highlights of our time together… Can’t wait for their wedding next June!
~Hannah Charis

Pink Dress from Amazon
Blue Dress from Gatherings
Boots from Cavenders
Justin’s entire get-up is from Cavenders
Hair/Makeup from Jax Studio
Ring from Torin Bales (now Deutsch & Deutsch)