Nicole + James Engagement Session

In a world of beauty, nature, flowers, rivers and paths, it’s often paired with beautiful souls to take it all in. No screens to peer into another’s world of beauty, taking our attention away from what’s right in front of us, just this phenomenal couple with their inner beauty, gracing my lens with yet another love story. Getting the honor of photographing Nicole + James Engagement session was a joy to say the least, and I hope you feel honored to get to see a window into their journey as a couple, here at the Cibolo Nature Center.

Nicole + James met officially at Pappadeaux as coworkers, but their story may have started much, much sooner. You know those stories where couples that get married somehow come across their childhood photo and their -now – spouse is in the background? This story is very similar and they were shocked they hadn’t met sooner! They both worked previously at Alamo Cafe at the same time in high school yet didn’t know each other at all back then. In past years they have learned of mutual friends and other connections they have had along the way as well… it was destined that one day they meet!

Becoming best friends was the start to their relationship as they went to float the Comal River in New Braunfels with mutual friends and they spent time at work together. The more they hung out, the more they didn’t want it to stop. Their friendship was growing rapidly and – in the words of Nicole…

We grew inseparable after that summer of fun and adventure.

This friendship continued as they settled into careers and developed a 7 year bond with unforgettable memories. It was time. Time for Wurstfest! I learned from Nicole + James that Wurstfest is a German Festival in New Braunfels!!! They went with their closest friends and James – in the middle of the festival – got down on one knee. A crowd collected as it became obvious something big was going down…

…it felt like forever before I could even say anything other than “Oh my God” since I was so shocked.

Once Nicole said yes everyone, even strangers, started cheering for them. It was a complete surprise – GOOD JOB, JAMES!!! =) And how perfect that they’ll be getting married at The Milestone in New Braunfels!!!?! Their most memorable times have been there.

Please enjoy some highlights of our time together in Boerne, TX! And scroll to the bottom if you want to know how to shop like the soon-to-be Schattels!!!