Hannah and Tanner Fredericksburg Gardens Engagement Session

What an adventure! Hannah and Tanner fell in love with Haley + Jered’s Engagement Session in Fredericksburg, so we decided to head back for more flowers, greenery and dreamy light to illuminate their love for one another. A love built on a swipe – or was it a move? You’ll find out soon from their story below, but I have to say, whenever that spark started, the flames have only grown through time. It almost seemed as though Hannah and Tanner’s Fredericksburg Gardens Engagement Session wasn’t a session at all… I think they forgot they were posing and just basically hung out together, sharing their love and admiration while I snapped away. I can’t help but wish alongside them that June 3rd of next year would get here already! Western Sky and St Joseph at Honey Creek await the perfect day with the perfect couple. 🥂 To Hannah + Tanner!

“Originally we thought we met on a dating app but after talking we realized we met on move in day of our first semester of college when we were both in the Gateway program at Texas A&M. Hannah’s mom was helping her move in and they were having trouble getting her mini fridge up the 4 flights of stairs. Meanwhile Tanner’s dad walks by asking if they need help and loading the fridge onto his dolly while Tanner followed behind. After getting it in the room, we said our thank you’s and parted ways until swiping brought us back to one another our junior year (2021), right before the big snow storm that took over Texas. It only took Tanner a couple of days to ask me to be his girlfriend, less than a week for sure after our first date, but we had been messaging for about a month before that. We were driving back to my house after hanging out until 2 am because I had to get back to my kitten and give him his medicine and you could just tell how nervous Tanner was… which in turn was making me nervous. He was like “i don’t know how to say this…” which immediately triggered fight or flight for me so i say “spit it out” 🤪 He goes “I’m kind of just wanting this to be you and me…” and i responded, “so are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” He said yeah and I just shrugged my shoulders and said sure.😂 The proposal was very straight forward as well. He asked me if I wanted to take pictures for our year and a half which had me a little suspicious. We went to my old neighborhood in college station and walked around the park taking pictures with one of my best friends/Kylee as our photographer. We made our way under this huge tree on the path where he eventually got down on one knee holding the ring out asking me to marry him. We went back to my friends house which was my old college house, where we met up with our friends and our parents surprised me too! We then made our way to northgate and partied all night!”

~Hannah Neshyba