Jenn + Riley’s Cibolo Nature Center Boerne Engagement Session

Jenn + Riley were the perfect fit from the start. From meeting at Rackspace (because they are both smarty pants) to secrecy, music and the perfect proposal for them, these two excitingly handed me the honor of photographing their engagement session and wedding! Jenn + Riley’s Cibolo Nature Center Boerne Engagement session was the perfect way to start the journey. No one around us could deny their love for one another, especially the way Riley admired Jenn and Jenn couldn’t help but laugh whenever Riley would whisper something to her. It was beautiful watching them interact, and the incredible scenery just illuminated the whole process. I cannot state enough how excited I am for these two and February 25th at The Club!


Riley and I met back in 2016 at Rackspace when we worked on the same team. We worked 2nd shift at the time so we were getting out of work around 11pm and it was commonplace for the team or a few folks to go out for a drink after a long week. This one time just so happened to only be Riley and myself and this was before we started dating. So we started chatting and hanging around each other more and found we liked each other’s company. On our first date he took me to Krause’s in New Braunfels (my first time there!) and bought me a stein!! We had some awesome food out on the patio and listened to some live music. It’s like he knew without knowing that I would have a great time there! We still go back there to this day and just sigh in the nostalgia and soak in the delicious smells of the German food! However, when we started dating we couldn’t really tell anyone (except my bestie of course) because I was technically/unofficially the team lead of our team. I took on team lead responsibilities when our manager was out. It wasn’t until I promoted to another team that we told everyone and they were like WHAT!! NO WAY!! 🤣 I was surprised they didn’t catch on to us always staring at each other 😍


It was a series of events 😂 one weekend I said, “Hey there’s a Def Leppard cover band playing at Fitzgeralds!” Of course Riley always says if you want to do that then let’s go 🤣 Afterwards we were getting ready to sleep and he said we’re going to look at rings tomorrow. So that was my unofficial proposal. He officially proposed to me on the beach that played a role in his life during college in Florida. It was perfect. There weren’t any people around so it was just the two of us and he got on one knee! Most people think wouldn’t you rather be surprised with the proposal? To me the way I get asked isn’t the important part. The important part is the life you’re building with the person who asks. He proposed the way he did because he was thinking about me. 

Image from a friend of actual proposal

•Jennifer’s blue dress is from Bloomchic and the shoes with that outfit are from Torrid.
•Her red dress is from Kohls and the shoes are from JcPenny.
•Riley’s blue polo and jeans are from JcPenny. His red shirt and slacks are from kohls.                   
•My engagement ring is from Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry.