Heather Braggs, 2018 Graduating Senior of Ronald Reagan High School

This world is jam-packed with people.  Individuals from all walks of life, all different paths and homes and upbringings.  So how is it that I get to meet all of the most amazing ones at my photo sessions?! I’m serious.  It’s like they all flock to my inbox and yet another phenomenal family steps in front of my camera.  I actually got to meet Heather Bragg at Changing The Face Of Beauty (CTFOB) at the 2017 headshot clinic.  If you haven’t heard of CTFOB, look them up! Y’all, this organization is truly wonderful!! I wish I could pack up everything and just work for them! When Heather walked up in her light blue outfit that matched her intense, light-blue eyes, I couldn’t help but be drawn to her soul which you can see right through to with her crystal clear eyes! I could see her strength, her joy, her kindness and her fun.  She shined!

A little bit I learned about Heather from her sweet mamma, Juel, is that Heather has a disability called Intellectual Development Disorder and Speech Sound Disorder.  What’s so cool is that she is an advocate for students with “invisible disabilities” and strives to be an example of keeping faith in her abilities over fear of her disabilities!! Heather Braggs, 2018 Graduating Senior of Ronald Reagan High School, has actually been crowned Miss Texas United States 2018 Honorary Princess – “celebrating the abilities of women with disabilities”. Next year she’s moving on to North East ISD’s Transition Services (NETS) that focuses on vocational training and job coaching. I know she’s going to do amazing there!

At Reagan, Heather is manager of the Varsity Girls basketball team, volunteers with the Winner’s Circle Club and participates on the ability Team. She works at Morgan’s Wonderland occasionally as the mascot, Joy the butterfly.  She also participates in Special Olympics Bowling, basketball and Track & Field. She is active in her youth group at Community Bible Church and Younglife.  She was the 2017 Fiesta Especial Duchess, raising money for the Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland. Heather loves to read on her Kindle, ride bike trails and takes advantage of any chance to socialize with friends.  She is a movie fanatic and knows everything about every movie star! =)

One thing I love to do as a Senior Photographer is find out from Mom (or Dad) what their favorite thing to do together is. Juel’s response: “We love to travel – far, far away.  Our upcoming trips include a mission trip to Kenya and a vacation to Thailand. We never miss a good concert – tickets for 2018 include Casting Crowns, Goo Goo Dolls, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift.” I can’t wait for you to scroll through this mini session with me!

~Hannah Charis