Busby Family Mini Session in Bulverde, TX

Sometimes adding a little color in your life is the best move, especially if it’s in the form of the Busby Family! Didn’t Amber do a phenomenal job on these outfit choices??! One of my favorite things is to get sneak peeks from my clients of what their wardrobe will look like upon arrival at the session. When my phone popped with a notification from Amber, all I saw was color and immediately thought to myself, this will be so much fun! I don’t know Amber very well, but of what I have seen on Facebook, Instagram and throughout this session, I can tell you that Amber is FILLED with color.  She makes me laugh so hard when scrolling through her feed, she’s got two amazing kids who definitely have some of her personality in there, and her husband, Tim, smiles with a look that says, “I know and I’m aware… I got to marry her. Aren’t I the luckiest man alive?” I could tell Amber felt blessed as well. Needless to say, this 30 minutes was packed with smiles and pure happiness.

When Amber & Tim arrived at the session, I was a busy bee, taking photos of the beautiful TX wildflowers and cacti, so when I looked up and saw Amber walking toward me in her gorgeous yellow Ross dress, Earrings from Nordstrom Rack, makeup done-up by Jax Studio and hair by Jax Salon, I was instantly AWED! Her daughter, Sloane, wore an adorable outfit from Sparkle in Pink, and she really looked adorable in all her colors!! Strick rocked his Old Navy Swag and Tim looked perfect in his Academy attire! If only I were this coordinated with my family! Haha. How fun to know about places like Sparkle in Pink and Jax! I had no idea the level of excellence!!! LOVE-LOVE!

One of my favorite moments at the session was when I was photographing the sibling photos.  Sloane & Strick were posing so cute and that would have been enough, but then they started loving on each other and hugging… what a perfect moment that I got to capture these two amazing kids, truly and genuinely having a moment. I can tell they adore each other and that made my heart melt into a puddle. I mean, what’s better than being out in nature, surrounded by colorful, wonderful people, capturing moments that last?! I can’t think of much. Thank you, Amber & Tim, for trusting me with your family photos this year! Each and every one of your are absolutely fantastic, and I’m glad to have met you.

~Hannah Charis