Jaimie + John – Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl and King Williams District

A rare moment in time, but I actually met Jaimie and John for the very first time at their engagement session! This couple was a complete surprise to me, and a pleasant one at that! Because I know my couples, their epic choice in fashion, the gleam of love in their eyes, it was easy to spot Jaimie as she floated across the parking lot of La Gloria in her stunning, blush gown from Lulu’s. Jaimie + John’s Engagement session at the Historic Pearl and King Williams District was bound for success! Shortly after, John waltzed up in all his swagger, dressed to the max in his Macy’s get-up and Aldo shoes. I was happy to see his willingness to pose next to his future bride with pride excitement and pure joy.

I love shooting engagement sessions for my couples because it’s such a treasure to really get to know them before the big day and to teach them my posing for wedding day! Nobody wants to feel like Ricky bobby from Talladega Nights (so perfectly resembled in one of their below photos, haha)! Inevitably some personality begins to shine as hour two begins and outfit two has a bit of extra confidence with it. Jaimie and John revealed their friendship, love, connection and Silliness – yes, with a capital S! I am on the edge of my seat, ready and waiting for their wedding in March! And now a little from Jaimie…

How we met and more… 

We met on Bumble and chatted through the app for a few weeks before we scheduled our first date at General Public in the Rim. After talking and laughing for several hours, we both knew we wanted to go on a second date. However, due to each of our travel schedules it was several weeks later. We spent the next few months trying new restaurants in San Antonio on our dates before we made it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend.

How he proposed…

We got engaged during a trip to NYC. The trip was my birthday present from John. Little did I know that he had a ring with him. During the trip we walked around the city, shopped, and went to a few Broadway shows. One night after dinner, we returned to our hotel and went to the rooftop bar. Although the outside part of the bar was closed because it had been raining earlier in the evening, a waitress agreed to let us outside to take a quick picture. This is when John proposed. I was totally surprised! The waitress was nice enough to take a video and a few pictures afterwards. It was such a special moment I’m glad it was captured even though I wasn’t wearing a very cute outfit. Haha! 

Jaimie’s outfits: Blush dress from Lulu’s.
Blue-ish dress from Amazon.
Shoes from Nordstrom
John’s outfits:
Suit, shirt, tie all from Macy’s.
Shoes from Aldo.
Button up shirt from Untuckit.
Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger.
Shoes are Air Jordans.

MUAH – Jax Studio:
Hair – Charli
Makeup – Danielle Garza (Dani)

The Ring:
NJ Jewelers in McAllen, Tx