Jeanne + Ricardo’s Engagement Session at Eagle Dancer Ranch

I first met Jeanne + Ricardo at our wedding consult at the office, and we hit it off immediately. Not only are they incredibly sweet natured and family-oriented individuals (they had me at family) there was so much laughter that my cheeks started hurting! Ricardo is quite the ham and had lots of hilarious stories about their journey so far, that by the time they were done talking, I felt like we were the best of friends!

In town sadly and unexpectedly due to the recent passing of Jeanne’s Grandfather, we decided to have the engagement session June 20th in the morning. Downpouring so hard that I could barely drive and was forced to go 25 mph on 281, the closer I got to Boerne, the more I started thinking this was a bad idea! The rain did not stop until I arrived and noticed a massive circle of clouds surrounding the ranch, but NO RAIN the ENTIRE SESSION!! It was just the break Jeanne needed. During Jeanne + Ricardo’s engagement session at Eagle Dancer Ranch, Ricardo was making Jeanne laugh a lot… and being quite the tease! Whether he was making fun of her dancing skillz or whispering what was supposed to be sweet nothings into her ear, Jeanne was all smiles and laughter to the very end! Although we have to wait until December for their wedding date to arrive, I’m so glad to have these fun memories to hold onto until then! Thank you Jason at the venue for being so accommodating!! You rock!!

After the session, I received the SWEETEST text from Jeanne: “Hey Hannah! Thank you so much for today! This has been such a tough week for me, and today was such a joyful break that was definitely needed. You made us both feel so comfortable and confident! We cannot wait for our wedding day, and we’re so excited that you will be there to help capture all of the moments! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!”

Don’t forget to read below on how Jeanne and Ricardo have gotten this far together. You won’t want to miss out on the LUNGES, MUSIC preferences, FOREHEAD kiss and the accidental DANCE-PHOTO bombing! Trust me!!! You HAVE to read ON!

How we met

Jeanne and I first hit it off using the Hinge dating app where Jeanne liked one of my pictures initiating a conversation where I followed up with the (2nd) most important question ever…“Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC?” unfortunately Jeanne was Team *NSYNC, but my response was “well you’re cute and you went to Tech, so I’ll let that slide.”

The first “date” occurred when I invited Jeanne to go to a trivia night with a few of my friends but “conveniently” all of them bailed on me. That night not a single question was answered for trivia night as we just talked and got to know each other as hours flew by.  At the end of the night, I walked Jeanne to her car and tried to go in for a kiss but Jeanne turned away and I awkwardly ended up kissing the top of her head. To this day we cringe about that interaction.

A couple of interesting stories! 

Jeanne and I both attended Texas Tech University, we both studied at the Rawls College of Business and we both graduated just one semester apart so it’s inevitable that we had taken some classes together unknowingly! We joke about it saying that it was probably for the best that we didn’t meet back then because I was just an immature “bro” and Jeanne was just out living her best life and she didn’t need no man to bring her down!

Another fun story we like to tell people we just met is that a few weeks before we actually started chatting through the Hinge app, Jeanne was attending a Selena tribute concert at The Rustic with a few of her coworkers who wanted to take her out for a “Cultural Experience”. Little did she know that her future fiancé would also be at The Rustic that evening with a couple of his guy friends. A few weeks after the concert, and right after Jeanne and I started messaging each other, she was showing one of her coworkers a video from the concert and she noticed a familiar face in the crowd out there dancing it up, and guess who it was….Ricardo.  I am going to reiterate an important fact, we had just started messaging each other and had never met in person, so it’s wild that we had so recently crossed paths without evening knowing what was in store for our future.

How we became official!

We became official on August 2nd, 2018, we were at a work event of Jeanne’s at The Rustic (a lot goes down there) and I kept getting frustrated that she was introducing me to her coworkers as her friend.  After the event was over we went to our (now) favorite bar, George’s Keep, and while sitting in the corner, I told her I didn’t want to just be her friend anymore and we made it official!

The Proposal

This happened on December 29th, 2019, Ricardo’s parents were in town and it was going to be the first time they met Jeanne’s parents, and with both of us being such family-oriented people, Ricardo thought it would be a great time to pop the question!  Leading up the proposal I reached out to some of our good friends in San Antonio to come to join us so that they could capture the big moment. I was nervous but honestly, the biggest worry I had going into the big question was whether or not I was going to rip my pants!! While getting ready for the evening, I walked out to the garage and did some lunges to practice and to make sure that the pants weren’t going to split.  Then we headed to the Pearl! After a few drinks at La Gloria, we were off to Hotel Emma for a few cocktails. It was so pretty with all of the Christmas lights so we decided to stop and take some family pictures. This is when I pulled Jeanne aside and professed my love for her and got on one knee and asked her to marry me, rip free. 🙂

Vendors to be recognized…

Jeanne’s Wardrobe:
•Blue Dress is from Gianni Bini from Dillards
•Shoes from Target
•Black top is from Amazon Fashion
•Red Skirt is from Target
•THE RING is from Diamonds Direct

Ricardo’s Wardrobe:
•White Button Up/Khaki Outfit is from Dillards
•Second Shirt is from Red Raider Outfitters
•Jeans are by Polo from Dillards
•Boots are Anderson Bean

Eagle Dancer Ranch!