Linzy and Ryan’s Wedding at Eagle Dancer Ranch

Y’all!!!! We made it through a HAWT, Summer July day, and it didn’t seem to phase even ONE attendee at this wedding. Each and every person that showed up to celebrate Linzy and Ryan’s wedding at Eagle Dancer Ranch only had positivity on their lips, excitement in their voice, and a lot of “stop crying, your makeup!” to Linzy, haha. It was certainly an emotional day with all the joy and love mixed in that makes any wedding day special, but this day was extra special. I got to watch Linzy in REAL TIME as a mamma, loving on and adoring her little girl, Makenzie. On the flip side, I got to watch Makenzie take every step as if she were on a stage, happy to thrill the audience with her CUTE-ness!!! She had us laughing until our cheeks hurt, model posing for us on the couch and stealing the show. But Linzy didn’t mind one bit – she loved it! All her closest friends around as well as her sister, mom and now mother in law, primping and laughing, tic tocing and helping Linzy get ready with the best playlists going and nothing but happiness spinning around the room. Needless to say, we. had. fun!

Ryan and the guys got ready in their own way… shot glasses, Cheers!, laughter, hoots, hollars and noisy fun! They helped us out with a small break for photos and then back to the bar house, right next to the barn, ready for more celebratory throw-backs. Nothing says “wedding day” like the difference between the bridal sweet and the groom room. Haha, what a gas these boys were!

As the ceremony time began to creep up on us, Linzy’s daddy and brother arrived at the bridal sweet. “Is that them?” “Are they here?” “Tell them not to look!” All the whispers and anticipation as Linzy was getting final touches of hair, makeup, dress and everything finished, ready to ask her daddy the question she’s been asking him her whole life… “How do I look?” Except, this time, she said it with her eyes, filling with tears. The expression on these two gentlemen’s faces as her brother and daddy walked toward her was all she needed. The tears began to fall. With a warm embrace and some encouraging words, Linzy was officially ready to walk down that aisle to see the look on the love of her life’s face as he would be seeing her for the first time that day. His dreams becoming real, and his heart feeling more perfect with each step she took toward him. And that’s exactly what happened.

Of course, Makenzie stole the show with her sweet spirit, beautiful flower crown, flush cheeks and free range of the alter as if it were her stage. She mingled and smiled, threw her flowers after the aisle moment, and watched as Mom and Dad exchanged rings and took their vows. At times I stopped to look at the ceremony through her eyes, and I knew that if I was that little girl, I’d feel like the most adored human on the planet, having parents who love each other and me that much. I hope she remembers this day for her lifetime.

I encourage you to scroll through to the very end as you get to see the friendship Linzy and Ryan have, enough to laugh through a cake fight! This party was SO MUCH FUN, and I could not be happier for you, Linzy + Ryan. YOU DID IT!

Vendors to be recognized:
•HMU: Linzy’s Cousin, Kasee Beck!
•The Wedding Dress: Olivia Grace Bridal
•Florist: Blume Haus Floral
•Venue: Eagle Dancer Ranch
•Wedding Planner: Jason, manager at Eagle Dancer Ranch
•DJ: Finest Sounds of San Antonio
•Cake: Lucy’s
•Catering: Bill Miller BBQ
•Bridesmaid Dresses: Celebrations in New Braunfels
•Groomsmen & Groom Attire: Jeans and shirt from Cavenders, Vests, Tie and Jackets from Men’s Wearhouse
•Honeymoon: Cabo!