Jessi + Bradley’s Wedding at Devil’s River

Well, well, well, if it isn’t my sister from another mister. Jessi has STYLE, y’all! Not only did she break out a GORGEOUS, pink-ombre wedding gown, but EvErYthing was dripping with pearls, diamonds, crystal, pink, rose gold and glitter! My eyes kept widening in each phase of their day! And just when I thought I had seen it all, we showed up at Devil’s River where a pink + gold, glittery, shimmer-explosion was taking place. We didn’t know where to start photographing, there was so much beauty to behold. I cannot say enough good things about Jessi’s swag – she’s got it all! And if her style wasn’t wow enough, the love between these two will make your heart flutter. They are head over heels in love and the way Bradley looks at Jessi would make any crowd of people go, “AAAAAWWWWEE!!” I didn’t know whether to cry, ooh + awe, clap or hug them! It was one of my all-time favorite weddings thus far! And let’s not forget their officiant who told the story below so well… Before you head down the path of scrolling through the photos from this most amazing day from Jessi + Bradley’s wedding at Devil’s River, you HAVE to read their love story:

“The story of Jessi and I meeting begins with a few matchmaking friends and some unconventional circumstances.  I remember coming home on a cool Thanksgiving evening seeing a message on my phone from a lifelong friend of mine, which said there’s girl that he thinks I should meet. Her name was Jessi and he knew her though some friends of his wife, and he thought she would be a great match for me, with our shared interests in video games and comics. For me this was a really big deal, as over the years prior I had never been in a romantic relationship. Call it my busy days making my way through college and work, or my naturally introverted nature, I had always wanted a relationship but had never truly put myself out there. However, with this opportunity dangled right in front of me, I nervously but purposefully took the dive. 

After just a short time messaging Jessi, I could instantly feel a connection. After talking for a week or so, we decided we wanted to meet and started talking about date ideas. I found out she was a big Spurs fan, so I offered to take her to a sushi dinner and go to a Spurs game. Maybe I was swinging a little hard for a first date, but looking at where we are today, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Jessi still teases me to this day how nervous she could tell I was, but I suppose I composed myself well enough for her to keep tagging along with me. During the game the ‘kiss cam’ came on the jumbotron, and I joked that wouldn’t it be cool if they put us on the big screen. Jessi playfully rolled her eyes at me as the timeout passed without us making cameos. However I didn’t want to let a good moment pass, so I stole a kiss anyway.

As the weeks rolled into the holidays, I found myself falling more and more for the beautiful Jessi for her sweet charm and her adventurous spark. After a few more dates, we went together to each other’s company Christmas parties. At Jessi’s party at the St. Anthony hotel, we had the most wonderful time, capped off with us singing Christmas carols on the roof by ourselves after the party, and I know we had something special. A few weeks later at a night out with friends at a New Year’s Eve party, she agreed to be my girlfriend.

So remember back to me prefacing our meeting being a bit unconventional? A few months go by and I was hanging out with my friend who had first messaged me about Jessi, and I was asking about their friends and how they knew Jessi. He replies to me, ‘Oh you don’t already know?’ It turned out that he and his wife had decided that I had been alone for too long, and had tasked themselves to play matchmaker and had sought out Jessi for me on a dating site. They told Jessi to keep their involvement under wraps, and that I just needed the little extra push to get myself out there. I laughingly groaned at their scheming, but in all reality they were right, and I can’t argue with how things have turned out. And Jessi was relieved that everything was finally out in the open. 

Fast forward a few years later, Jessi and I have been living together for a couple of years, and we found ourselves looking to buy a home. We talked for a while about wanting to spend our future together–Jessi had even given me some pointed help on what kind of ring she would like if I were to happen to do some type of proposal. One day in November, not too far from Thanksgiving, we had just finished viewing the house which would turn out being our future home, and were going to a Spurs game with tickets from Jessi’s work. Unbeknownst to her, but with probably a good idea in mind, I had already purchased and received the ring I was going to use to propose with. Over the past month she had been cheekily teasing me about where her ring was, as she is more than clever enough reading me to know what was in the works. I knew she would be mortified if I did some sort of grand display of a proposal on the big screen, so we went and enjoyed the game, while I had the ring stashed safely at home. After the game was over, which we got to sit just a few rows away from Manu Ginobili who was being honored for his retirement that night, we headed back home. Upon walking in the front door, Jessi jokingly asked me where her ring was, if she was warm or cold. I told her warm, and I watched the joy fill her eyes as the reality set in of what was happening. After a few minutes of searching via the hot and cold method, Jessi came upon the ring box which I had hidden away in the back of one of my comic book boxes. As she pulled it out, she turned around to find me on one knee and I opened the ring box and asked her to marry me. 

We’ve had such a great time in our years together, and I love Jessi with all my heart. I can’t wait for all the many years of marriage and all the adventures we will have in our future.

Photography: Hannah Charis Photography
The Ring: Hers – Verragio His – James Avery
The Venues: Devil’s River + Grace Lutheran Church
Catering: Heavenly Gourmet
HMU: Blush & the Bride
Florals: San Antonio Floral Designs
Wedding Planner: Elite Event Planning
DJ: Chris @ Future Sounds
Cake: Exclusive Cake Shop
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen: Al’s Formal Wear
Photo Booth: Remember the Time
Cotton Candy: Sugar Clouds