John + Marissa, Welcoming Baby Luke

Can I get a HUGE congrats to John and Marissa???!!!! Luke is 100% little stud muffin, and I had the honor of photographing his newborn-ish photos!!! Hanging with these three humans was a BLAST! We originally had the session scheduled sooner, but John (having had no symptoms) tested positive for COVID, so we had to wait the long, quarantine period. Let me tell ya, it was worth the wait!

Before Luke

John and Marissa actually met while attending high school in Misawa Japan! “We are both military brats so that explains how we ended up there,” is how Marissa put it. haha They’ve been together ever since! They had talked previously about their future family and weren’t in a rush nor opposed to their family starting quickly. One could say they were trying but not all at the same time. đź’• John + Marissa, welcoming Baby Luke, has been an absolute blessing, and he came at the PERFECT time.

Luke’s Birth Story

“Little man was so happy in Mom’s belly, and his due date was July 10th. We decided to induce for a few reasons: 1. so that my doctor could be the one to deliver him, 2. so John had ample time to be with us, and 3. we just wanted to meet him! Luke Joseph Benavidez came into the world on July 8, 2020 at 5:43pm, measuring 7lbs 13oz and 21inches long. This was just one day after John and my 3rd wedding anniversary (07/07/2020). 

INDUCTION DATE (07/07/2020) John and I had our anniversary dinner from Pasha and then went on a LONG walk. We were supposed to go into the hospital at 8pm, but the nurse called and said to come at 11pm. So we hung out and got all our last minute things ready. Once at the hospital they hooked me up to the Pitocin drip and things were still calm… we slept as much as possible. Dr. Caddell came in the room at 8am and said, ‘Here shortly we will brake your water’, and she did just that with the finger prick. From there the contractions really started. Mama was feeling it and baby was just still so happy in there. I was about 4cm dilated at this point and all the contractions were on my right side for the most part. By 1pm I was ready for the epidural! The anesthesiologist had placed it once, twice, and a third time. My right side would just not take so it was a “hot spot” and I would still feel all contractions but not anything below my waist. By about 5pm I was ready to start pushing. The nurses got everything ready and had Dr. Caddell on standby, after about 25 minutes of pushing, out came the most beautiful little human I ever did see! John and I were just SO IN LOVE! Time to cut the umbilical cord and John used the largest scissors (for a fun photo). We were able to leave on Friday, July 10th and Luke was able to meet both sets of grandparents who awaited at the house for us. Due to COVID no visitors were allowed in the hospital.”
~Marissa (mommy) 

Vendors to be recognized…
Jeans are Altrd State
Sparkly shoes are Target
Nude shoes are Tory Burch
Sparkly grey shirt is Anthropology
Brown top is Nordstrom
Marissa did her own hair and make-up because with COVID it’s hard to go out and do things… especially with a new baby! 
The elephant + Jungle plants are from Target