Jolina + Daniel’s Sage, Ivory and Light Gray, Industrial Wedding at Park 31

If you are looking for a love story with sentimental surprises, laughter, adventure and a blending of heritage, STOP! This is a MUST READ!!! Jolina + Daniel’s Sage, Ivory and Light Gray, Industrial Wedding at Park 31 had a mixture of tears of laughter, tears of sentiment and tears of a love so perfect, you would never guess it all began in Midland, TX on the Bumble App! In Jolina’s words: “Love at first swipe!” Lol. Now, get a tissue box, because Lupe, Jolina’s Man of Honor, made all of us cry – making my photographer job slightly challenging!!

One of Jolina + Dan’s first dates was hiking the Guadalupe Mountains National Park (highest point in Texas). Jolina invited Lupe so he could meet Dan and they all hiked together. This was back in 2021, and they loved to poke fun of Jolina because she needed some breather breaks along the way. Of course, Lupe divulged all of this during his toast at the GRANDIOSE reception Ravin and her team put together from Wolf Weddings. Looking around the room, Lupe had us all captivated with the story of their trek. Little did we know, Lupe pressed play to a tv screen he had set up in the corner, only to unfold that on their FIRST DATE he had called it. The words, “If you’re watching this, it means you’re sitting at their wedding reception right now” still ring in my ears and get me choked up… HE KNEW IT! Jolina had love at first swipe while Lupe knew at first sight that this was the guy for her. Without Jo + Dan knowing it, Lupe had recorded a toast from the state park and it was all anyone could do but shed many tears in the joy that THIS was meant to be. While Daniel continued to shout, “Oh my gosh, LUPE!!!” and Jolina just stud there in a puddle with her ring hand covering her tears, Lupe was grinning ear to ear, waiting to hug them both.

At their ceremony, it was so cool to see the method of unity they chose for symbolism. They braided rope together representing their heritage: Japanese + Irish. This colorful rope will signify the unity of their joining together forever and always. Of course, not one person was left sitting still as all of their friends and family – including Daniel, himself – burst into laughter when Jolina read her vows from a scroll that almost hit the floor when she let it fly! 😂 I love that she makes her husband laugh so hard. And he pointed at her several times as if to say, look at this awesome human I’m marrying!!

This day was memorable in so many ways, and I’m just completely honored that I got to be there to witness the day with the added bonus of photographing every single moment! We even got them alone for a few upstairs on the couch and then a private, 30 second dance to capture a moment at night under the stars + indoors. I can’t wait for you to see!!!!!!

Vendors to be Recognized:
Photographer: @hannahcharisphotography // Venue: @Park31 // Florist + Planner: @wolfweddings // MUAH: Jen Canales @vivalaglamx // The Dress: @idothedressido // Invitations: @theknot // DJ: @djstash_official (Patrick Gray) // Videographer: @reverentweddingfilms // Cake: @exclusivecakeshop // Catering: @Jimmylynscatering