Jonell + Micheal’s Engagement Session at Hotel Valencia

And FINALLY I get to post my latest blog about Jonell + Micheal! Buckle up! These two are crazy in love, wonderfully creative, go-with-the-flow and ready for marriage! After meeting Jonell + Micheal in my office, talking about their future together and their history thus far, I was all smiles the entire meeting! They had me laughing, ooh-ing, awe-ing… ALL THE THINGS! So when Hotel Valencia started getting thrown around as the engagement session location idea, I was ALL about it! I couldn’t WAIT! I felt horrible for Jonell; however, as the day finally came… her hair appointment couldn’t show, so things were already behind, and then the second location (Hays Street Bridge) is closed for maintenance, but it didn’t seem to take them down. We were able to capture some true romance at the beautiful and famous hotel, before heading out to venture and find a new location for the color bombs! Of course, King Williams District NEVER disappoints! Y’all, I can’t WAIT for you to read their story and scroll through all the fun we had during Jonell + Micheal’s Engagement Session at Hotel Valencia!

How We Met

We saw each other in 2011 at the botanical garden at his brother’s wedding.  In  2014 at his brother’s baby shower we also crossed paths but, didn’t speak to each other. We became Facebook in like 2015 and start liking each other’s posts and flirting.  August 27, 2015, @ 12:00 am he inboxed me hit him directly and we started talking and been together ever sense. 

Dating Begins

On September 20, 2017, we don’t remember lol. We dated for a year and also dated other people and as we continue spending more and more time together we went to dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse where discuss being exclusive. 

The Proposal

Micheal proposal to me at the botanical garden on September 20, 2019. He had my best friend plan a photoshoot for the new eyelash business she had started. He states he had to go out of town for work Wednesday night and wouldn’t return until later Friday in just enough time for us to go to dinner. I was mad because we’ve always spent our anniversary together but, I went along and did the photoshoot. Friday morning my friend came and got me. I went to her house got my make-up and hair done along with other girls. About 3 pm we left the house on the way to the botanical garden. I didn’t know where we were going or did I remember it once we got there. We got there and there was a photographer waiting for us. We started taking pictures all over walked up the hill and by the stairs. At the bench we sit down and there was some flower roses and keys. As we began walking down the stairs all I saw was green grass. As I got to the bottom I was like okay time for me to go so I can get home to my man. As I turn back around to the grass I seen people moving and out came people. I didn’t realize it was Micheal at 1st until I look again. I stood there crying in disbelieve and couldn’t move. As my friend wiped my eyes I walked over to Micheal. It was so cute.  

Venue: Hotel Valencia RiverWalk
Jonell’s Dress: Macy’s
Micheal’s outfit + Shoes: K&G
His hat is from Beacons Clothing store
Makeup: Carisha Williams 
Ring: Zales
Her Shoes from DSW