Analicia + Regan’s Wedding at Park 31 and St. Joseph at Honey Creek

Analicia + Regan… you did it! With a sprinkle of rain, an abundance of friends, a beautiful family and the perfect day, your marriage is sealed with moments even I, MYSELF, will cherish forever! It was fun knowing some of the bridal party already, namely Analicia’s bff and recent bride of mine, Elizabeth. Pink jammies, big smiles, laughter and champagne was all that was needed to make the getting ready process perfect in the bridal suite! With Analicia’s bubbly personality, it was no surprise she wanted to break out the bubbly with all her friends around for an epic champagne pop photo! With details pictured and Vixen Hair + Makeup finalizing the beautiful final touches, we were ready for THE DRESS. Olivia Grace Bridal: Enough SAID! Americus diamond glistening on her ring finger, awaiting that wedding band, Tina (mama) and Analicia went into the dressing room to get dressed for that aisle moment at Saint Joseph at HoneyCreek! Trying so hard not to cry and undo Vixen’s magic, it was time for Eddie (Dad) to come in for his moment to see his beautiful daughter for the first time on her wedding day. This always gets me, y’all! His eyes got wide and a smile grew that couldn’t have become bigger if he tried. With mom and dad’s gifts exchanged from the ever so thoughtful Analicia (a handkerchief and a piece for the tie), both with beautiful notes, it was go time.

Before Analicia + Regan’s Wedding at Park 31 and St. Joseph at Honey Creek could begin, Regan was downstairs getting his photos taken with the guys and his mom and dad. Even though my second shooter took care of these to save on time during the morning, I loved editing through these photos because I HAVE SONS and 😭. It was so sweet to see Regan’s beautiful mama (Melissa) tear up with pride as she got to help him get ready and pin that boutonniere.

We (the girls) headed down the beautiful stairs at Park 31, grabbed a TON of umbrellas because the rain had started to pour, and then, suddenly, the rain stopped. I just happened to have a “blond moment” (Sorry blonds), where I took all the girls outside, started capturing their umbrella bridesmaid photo, and all of a sudden, it felt like the rain was coming back and FAST! I was yelling, “I’ll hurry, I promise, I know it’s starting to rain again!!!! Lots of smiles! Great job!!!!!! Almost DONE!!!” Nope, it wasn’t raining, hahaha. Just a tree, dripping on only me and none of the girls haha. 😂 Off to the church we went!

A full blown traditional Mexican Catholic Mass, echoing with the sounds of Mariachi, rosary beads, 13 coins for Las Arras, xoxo, tears falling, and the creaking of wood as kneeling, standing and sitting honored the faith. Analicia listened as talk of what true love is all about was preached to remind them of their promises to one another, but also to fill the hearts of those listening with a hope, a faith and a reminder for themselves. Talk of Grace, understanding, bearing children and walking in forgiveness. After a powerful walk to Mother Mary with their floral gift in hand, it wasn’t difficult for these two – who don’t even remember how long they’ve known each other – to say “I do” in front of Father Mike and all their friends and family.

Back at Park 31 we found the fun with the female DJ with At Last Entertainment and Events! She got the party started and never let it END! OMG, the DANCING, the LAUGHTER and the always fun Aggie War Hymn! The whole time this incredible day is happening, guess who is behind the scenes being incredibly talented, as always?! Yup! Snap Chic Wedding Painting! I can’t wait for you to scroll to see more of her work! And not to mention Bartenders 4 You adding that element of excellence, good taste, perfect selections and that extra element of loose fun, allowing everyone to let their hair down and last until that sparkler sendoff! I cannot say enough good things about this day – thank you EVERY vendor who made it possible!

Vendors I felt honored to work with:
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