Kameel + David’s Backyard Wedding

2nd backyard wedding this year… on the blog! Y’all!!!!!!! When I took Kameel and David’s Engagement session (Blog Here) at the Cibolo Nature Center + Farm back in April, I had SO much fun watching these two together. David had a way of making Kameel giggle constantly and we all just laughed and had the best time! So when COVID hit and the difficult decision came to postpone their wedding, I was sitting at my house heartbroken for them while they put on their happy face and decided to still get married on their wedding date and have a bigger celebration next year!!! I mean, what a way to look 2020 in the face and say, “we win”. haha. I’m truly proud of these two human beings for their devotion to one another in the midst of the pandemic and their entire outlook on planning “Kameel + David’s backyard wedding.

The wedding day was perfect. Kameel was STUNNING, they used some of their wedding decor that had dates on it and I love that they incorporated blue everywhere… of course the main event was in Kameel’s ring – those sapphires are GORGEOUS! Close family and friends joined together and worked the technology so even MORE family and friends could join. It was truly special. And being so intimate of an event, I really got to see the look in David’s eyes as he committed forever to Kameel with the symbol that is placing her ring on her finger…. absolutely priceless. It was fun to laugh a little during the ceremony and then have some sweet moments, too. Everything. Was. Perfect.

Once the ceremony came to a close, it was all cheering, celebration and waving to the adoring fans on all the devices!! Thank goodness for the means to connect from so far away!!! And transitioning into portrait time was nothing short of a blast! David put on his charm, Kameel giggled and we all oohed and awed at Kameel’s beauty – and of course THAT VEIL!!!!! I can’t wait for you to scroll through and journey to Kameel + David’s backyard wedding!